Why does Jackky Bhagnani show off his chaddis?

The actor is seen showing off his undies in the new song Boom boom from Ajab Gazabb Love. And we observe that he’s repeating the same style he adopted in his second film, F.A.L.T.U.

Jackky Bhagnani recently performed a dance number at the only-one-song launch of Ajab Gazabb Love.  After shaking his booty vigorously, Bhagnani was asked some uncomfortable questions by the host of the show. So while the anchor quite straightforwardly asked him about his fascination with the style of wearing his denims really low so that his underpants are visible, instead of answering the query, Bhagnani simply pointed his finger at his eight-pack abs. Although the host didn’t seem quite satisfied with the answer, he tried to add some more tadka to the conversation by asking Jackky if he was trying to portray a style a la John Abraham in Dostana. Well, Jackky didn’t have anything interesting to say on that either. He simply cut the host off mid-way by saying ‘Dostana band karo yaar’ (stop the Dostana, man)!

Looks like Jackky needs a crash course on how to keep the audience hooked on to him. And for that you also need to exercise your brains along with your delectable eight-pack abs, Jackky!