Why does Kareena Kapoor Khan want to be skinny again?

Saif Ali Khan doesn’t like his wife all skinny and scrawny. But is Mrs Kareena Kapoor Khan really bothered about what her husband wants?

New bride Kareena Kapoor is back to working out and she’s making sure this time she adopts a hardcore fitness regime, just like the kinda rigorous one she followed for Tashan. But is Saif Ali Khan happy with Bebo wanting to look all lean and ultra thin? Not really, he likes his sweetheart to be slightly plump and curvaceous. In fact, during Bebo’s Tashan days, Saifu used to call Kareena a ’12-year-old boy’ ‘coz she was way too thin. So there must be some reason why after a super romantic honeymoon with Khan, Bebo has decided to do things her way rather than getting into the ‘pleasing hubby’ mode.

It seems Bebo, who’s all set to do Prakash Jha’s Satyagraha next, wants to be at her leanest best in the film. She wasn’t satisfied with her look in Heroine despite receiving compliments, which is why she will be working ultra hard on her bod. Let’s see what the Nawab’s reaction will be this time around; we hope he doesn’t label KK as a ‘five-year-old’ this time. Sigh!