Why does Pankaj Kapur take advice from son Shahid Kapoor?

The actor is super impressed with the kind of suggestions his son Shahid gives him. And he also revealed the nature of his relationship with Sasha in a recent interview

“I consider Shahid as my friend and there are a lot of times I take advice from him. I take suggestions from him because I think you need to be abreast with the latest happenings. He is a youngster and a very talented boy. He has a very solid and balanced head. So there are a lot of times when he comes up with very good suggestions and I am proud of that fact. I had my father as my friend and I feel that my children, actually all three of them, are friends with me. Obviously, Shahid being the oldest – there is a certain maturity in terms of understanding each other which naturally exists.”

–  Pankaj Kapur