Why does Prakash Jha make issue-based films?

The Chakravyuh director wishes to initiate healthy debates with his thought provoking cinema

Prakash Jha is a filmmaker with the intention of showing a mirror to the society. Though people may claim that over the years his voice as a director has mellowed down, he is still one filmmaker who chooses his subjects without caring about commercial considerations. Many people wonder, in a country where cinema is a way to escape reality why do filmmakers even bother to show the reality. Do the masses care, and more importantly, will it bring about social reformation?

When Jha was asked this question in a recent interview, he said, “I just want to open these issues up for understanding and discussion. I don’t think cinema is capable of bringing about social change but I am sure it can educate and inform people, and emotionally move them. But a whole lot of other factors and motivations are required to bring in a change in society.” We really appreciate his spirit and hope that he succeeds in his intentions.

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