Why does Ranbir Kapoor want everyone to be shameless?

Ranbir Kapoor grooves to the beats of title song of his upcoming film Besharam

Ranbir Kapoor is asking everyone to be shameless. Now before you jump to any conclusions we would like to clarify that the Kapoor lad is not asking everyone to be shameless in real life but only in the title track of his upcoming film Besharam.

Wearing shiny costumes, Ranbir is shaking his booty to this number, which has a quintessential retro feel. Besharam title song will surely remind you of Bappi da era.

However, we feel that the lyrics of this disco number are quite thanda. So we decided to add the much needed zing to it. The result is the English translation of the song and that too word by word. Read. Add some tune to it if you can and shake your booty.

Ho paidaa nangaa hua to kaahe kii
Kaahe kii sharam..
Maayi-baap naa hi
Naa koii dharam..


Ho born naked then why
Why to feel shy
Mother father no
Not any religion


Tedhe-medho se kadak
Seedhe-saado se naram
Fun herfan maula hardum..


Twisters than strong
Simple than soft
Fun God always


Aaja sabko dikha de ban..
Dil khole seena tane ban..
Aajaa sab ko dikhaa de ban besharam
Dil khole, seena taane ban besharam
Aajaa thumkaa laga le ban besharam
Dil khole, seena taane ban besharam


Come everyone show be
Heart open chest show be
Come show everyone be shameless
Heart open chest show be shameless
Come shake that booty be shameless
Heart open chest show be shameless.