Why does Sanjay Dutt think he is as powerful as Obama?

Those who have seen the Policegiri trailer will know why apna Sanju baba thinks so

Sanjay Dutt plays a fearless and committed cop, Rudra in his forthcoming venture Policegiri, where he’ll be seen taking on the gundas and all those who break the law with his explosive dialogue baazi and gravity defying stunts. We strongly wonder why Sanju even agreed to mouth tacky lines like Tere mein sur Osama ka ho, mere mein power Obama ka hai and Kanoon ko todne walo ki thukaai karne… Is he repeating his Zila Ghaziabad over-the-top police act? Seriously, we can’t resist but translate a few of those worthless dialogues from Policegiri into English word-for-word. Take a look!

Aadmi apne kaam se pehchana jaata hai naam se nahin
People ours work from known going name from no

Chowki chowki ka paani peekar aaya hoon, naam hai Rudra
Station station’s water drank coming, name is Rudra

Main yahaa aaya hoon choron ki safaai karne, gundo ki dhulaai karne aur kanoon ko todne walo ki thukaai karne
I here came robbers’ clean to do, ruffians washing to do and law break those beating to do

Aage kya bolega – mere Karan Arjun aayenge? Chal hutt
Front what say – mine Karan Arjun will come? Walk go away

Tere mein sur Osama ka ho, mere mein power Obama ka hai
You in tune Osama have, my in power Obama’s is

Galat tareeke se sahi kaam mujhe karna aata hai
Wrong way from right work I know doing

Mujhe pata hai tere pass power hai, paisa hai, politicians hai… lekin mere pass public hai
I know is you near power is, money is, politicians is… but mine near public is

Looks like Sanju baba will have to watch both the police and his Policegiri from the insides of the prison…