Why does Sanjay Dutt want to die?

Well the actor doesn’t really want to, but he is ready to get destroyed for his friends in a qawwali from Zanjeer 2.0

Sanjay Dutt’s in Zanjeer 2.0 – an avatar we’ve never seen before. The actor has stepped into legendary Pran’s shoes of a lovable Pathan with ease. And will also have a qawwaali number in the Zanjeer remake. This song that’s rendered beautifully by Sukhwinder Singh definitely is one of the best songs in this film. Here’s the more anglicized version of the desi qawwaali number, just for fun!

Sab Kuch Khudaa Se Maang Liya
Ek Tujhko Hi Maang Ke
Uthte Nahin Hain Haath Mere
Ab Is Duaa Ke Baad, Is Duaa Ke Baad

Everything some god from ask take
One you only ask
Lifting not is hands mine
Now this prayers after, this prayer after

Yaroon Ke Ji Yaar Hai
Dildar Hai Hum
Yaar Pe Mit Jaayenge
Khuda Ki Kasam

Friends living friend is
Large hearted is we
Friend on destroyed go
God’s promise