Why does Shahid Kapoor say his career will get over?

Yes, he is saying his filmi career will get over, but in the trailer of his upcoming comic caper

Rajkumar Santoshi is back with yet another comedy-action flick Phata Poster Nikla Hero starring Shahid Kapoor and the South babe Ileana D’Cruz. Shahid, who has been missing from the silver screen for a while now, will be showing off his comic antics in this one. And going by the trailer, it looks Sasha has nailed it. Besides the actor’s funny expression and clean shaven look, it’s the quirky dialogues that caught our attention. So yet again in our quest to make you laugh, we translated the dialogues in English word-to-word literally! Now read and tell us if it tickled your funny bone or not…..


Aye pyaaz ke cheelkon, zara style maara, thoda hul diya, Itne mein tu rota hai kya

Hey onion peels, some style hit, some attitude gave, in this you cry a what


Abhi toh hero ne sirf entry maari hai, aage aage dekh hota hai kya

Now hero only came, front front see happens what


Agar chehre pe chot lag gayi toh career shuru hone se pehle hi khatam ho jayegi

If face wound went then career start happen first only over


Agar maa ka doodh peeya hai.. toh ek ek karke mat aana…sab saath mein aana…mere paas time nahi hai

If mother’s milk drank… then one one no coming…everyone together come… I close time no


Kya sochte hain sir aap…aap ki shakal dekh kar koi nei bol sakta hai ki aap itna acha soch sakte hain

What think sir you… you face seeing no one saying that you so good thinking can.