Why does Shahrukh Khan sweat in winter?

Why does Shahrukh Khan sweat in winter?

The actor has featured in some really cheesy songs in his film career. And honestly, we couldn’t think of a better way of paying tribute to those numbers by translating them in absolute Bollywoodlife ishtyle. Happy birthday, SRK!

Birthday boy Shahrukh Khan has been a part of some Bollywood tracks that still give us the uncontrollable giggles. From Guddu to King Uncle, King Khan was seen crooning some really cheesy songs in the ’90s. So while he’s whining about how he sweats profusely even when it’s pleasantly cold, there are also times King Khan is seen wooing his lady love by resorting to soppy lines and exaggerated actions.

SRK loves to play to the gallery and what better evidence than these songs in which the King stretches his arms in the air and hovers with extreme enthusiasm…Well, time to refresh memories, no!

Kehte hain log mukhe Ram Jaane, kaise pada yeh mera naam jaane

People call me Ram Jaane, how I know this became my name

Is jahaan ki nahi hain tumhari aankhein, aasman se ye kisne utaari aankhein

Your eyes are not this world’s, who got your eyes down from the sky

Mein toh hoon pagal munda, tu hain meri soni kudi

I am one mad boy, you are my beautiful chick

Thandi mein pasina chale na bhukh na pyaas lage, yaar yahi pyaar to nahi, daddy se puchungaaa

In winter I sweat, not hungry not thirsty, friend is this not love, daddy I should ask…

Tanhai tanhai tanhai, dono ko paas le aayee

Loneliness, loneliness, loneliness got together both of us.

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  • zulqarbaloach

    gud very gud, i like thats what king is

  • zulqarmbbs

    ha ha thats nice

  • zulqarnain

    king srk rocks, every where

  • zulqarmatli

    number one in industry cant be anyone except srk, birthday mubark ho

  • alisher

    truly king in industy

  • rustamanizulqar

    khan badshah, pathan shahrukh,zindabad

  • zulqarnainlumhs

    all netizen like m are frantic about srk, because i know all about srk

  • matlishahr

    srk is number one

  • zulqar studies in lumhs

    srk is best, he is unstoppable, he is king undoubtly ,he rules bollywood from last 20 years

  • zulqar nain an adriot

    there is one and truly srk

  • starznr

    salman khan is junk who just wanders in sex markets, he is a junk, while amir and srk are true actors, in comparison srk is simply bestest

  • why zulqarnain is srk fan

    srk means wisdom,knowledge,feelings, ambitions, romance, sacrifice, ultimate nature, vindication, chalenge, charisma, magnima,

  • zulqarnain is die hard fan of srk

    king srk , is last station for any actress, every star wants to be srk, every damsels wishes for srk because he is enigma

  • what is znr of asia

    as a realistic author of many fictions i do say king khan is only a tale that never is in real life

  • rustamani nain zulqar

    king khan is only figure in bollywood that represents it in real sense

  • zulqarnain rrustamani

    i need to stand tough as that,
    cracking walls of my heart,
    no dreams any more are my companions,
    but a deep darkness and opinions,
    just those are my feelings which,
    i never felt but my last breath of inch,
    fake faces made me turn on gap, no face was real gumpy map,
    whole deep depth of game,
    rolled every turning track into fame,
    my life says that
    but no more,
    no where my shadows fall time before…….
    For srk only writen by me

    • doctor indiana

      thats geniune poetry i thnk

  • znrbaloach

    thats most beautiful thng i have ever read ,nice dedication to srk,

  • zulqar ki dunya

    koi kehta rahe kahne se kya hota hai, actor to har koi srk se seekh kar hi bnta hai

  • zulqar box office mojo

    ddlj is longest running movie in bollywood history,more than thousand crores earned by movie and still counting, i thnk ths is just unbeatabld

  • three idiots

    madhavan to amir?
    Sir 3 idiots aur ddlj m se konsi achi movie hai,
    amir, apne wali film,
    sharman,to both? Yar banban jo 3idiots ki naqal hai usne bhi to 3 sau crore kama liye hain, ,ddlj best hai amir sir, sory

  • ddlj lover

    gud realy r8, is ka matlb amir ka koi kamal nahen hai , sirf kahani achi thi,

  • ek tha tiger, jo kuty jesa tha

    tiger hai to sher , lekin aksar kuton ko tiger kyun kaha jata hai, usliye ke kutey ka pooch kbhi sedha nahen hota,tera hi rahta hai, salman ki tarh

  • 3idiots to srk

    film 3 idiot to srk? Ap itne bade actor hen ,ap ne mujhe accept kyun nahen kiya,
    srk, aaa …..arey don kabhi idiot nahen bnta rrre

  • kiran rao to amir

    kiran,to amir? Kahan ho sunny , amir ghusey se, kya bkwas h m kya sunny leone dikhae de raha hun,
    kiran, nahen tm suny deol bn gae ho ,shahrukh ne suny ko to overshadow krdia lekin tjhe bhi boht chor dia hai,kash m tmhen watch se nahen bulati to m aur shahrukh enjoy kr rahe hote

  • amir khan to salman khan

    amir to salman? Kya realy salman m bara actor hun,ya log jhut bolte hain,
    salman,to amir.. Abhe saly kis ne kaha tu bra actor h, shahrukh n hm dono ki phar rakhi hai

  • dr najeeb

    i am fan of srk, he is best , when he delievered dialogue of veer zaara movie i was astonishd that how can one deliever such acting,as a lecturer i know it is very dificult

    • Ayesha Khan

      You are truly right. SRK is really so good.He is better than all the actors in bollywood.Do you like Salman Khan, if you don’t then its very good because a person who likes SRK should not like Salman Khan because you know he is the enemy of SRK. SRK you are the best. I luv U. Long Live SRK.

  • madhuri dixit likes srk

    thats what srk is all about , true ,charming, adorable, funambulist. Ddlj and devdas,now jthj

  • history of untouchable fame

    deewana, darr, bazigar, karan arjun, ddlj, kkhh,devdas, dil to pagal hai, pardes, mohabatien,josh, kabhi alvda na khna ,k3g,my name is khan, don, don2, veer zaara,swades, main hoon na, kal ho na ho, om shanti om,

    • film industry ka baap

      yes he is true father of bollywood,

  • zulqarnain knows it all

    greatest actor of all time, i thnk, he is just awesome