Why does Sherlyn Chopra keep showing off nude pictures of herself?

Sherlyn Chopra posts new nude pictures of her on Twitter

Just when you think Ms Chopra has disappeared, the babe comes back with a bang and makes it to the headlines with her tried-and-tested formula – posting nude pictures of herself on popular social networking sites

Sherlyn Chopra’s acting career isn’t heading anywhere and we aren’t complaining one bit. After Dil Bole Hadippa!, wethinks filmmakers realised she has a long way to go as far as her thespian skills are concerned. And we totally agree with that one! Also, we may never get to see the cover of Playboy magazine for which she posed (but is there anything left to see?), wethinks. So it’s quite obvious that Sherlyn has to find new ways to gain attention, to keep the spotlight on herself. That is why she has been posting nude pictures on the Internet – just to stay in the public eye. She recently tweeted a semi-nude photo of herself swathed (or not) in fabric and wrote, “Eroticism is a statement of sovereignty.. It has it’s own moral justification.. #IAMWHOIAM.”

Though calling her camera friendly wouldn’t be wrong, especially considering how often she does her dare-it-all act for the lens, if you think about it with any logic you will conclude – like we did – that Ms Chopra is just hungry for publicity. But we wonder how long will it work. ‘Coz no good film offers are coming her way; if they were, she would be tom-tomming about it all over the place, no? And if you look at recent photos of the gal, it seems as if the Chopra lass has gone under the knife once too often to enhance her facial features – and that is never a good idea, since the body can handle only so much cosmetic work and no more.

But we certainly think that if Sherlyn continues to post nanga punga pictures of herself online, she may zoom off to Hollywood before any other Bollywood actor does. Don’t get us wrong; we are saying that she may soon sign a Hollywood film of a very special kind, taking over the space that adult star Sunny Leone left behind when she made her move into bona fide Bollywood. And we wouldn’t be surprised if Ms C makes a huge success of that kind of career. Before she or her fans get all upset at this, they need to think of it this way: at least something is better than nothing, hai na?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • mayur

    you are very sexey in the world

  • Neha Choudhary

    She is a complete prostitute..

  • Periyar SumbaiKoo

    all these pron stars like shrlyn have ugly face
    to hide the ugly face they show their sexual parts openly

    • w ch

      That’s very true. Good comment. A lot of these women are addicted to attention and have been since they came of age. The less attention they get, the cheaper they get. And when they get old, they have nothing. Most of them have no personality or culture, they just have their looks and when they go, you are left with nothing. Watch out for these ones.

  • Rakista

    Ugly actress ever in bollywood, no attraction at all

  • fahim haque

    now it has become boring to see just nude pictures….waiting for a sex tape as kim kirdishan and farah abrraham did!!