Why does Varun Dhawan want Ileana D’Cruz to meet his mom and dad?

Looks like the dishy dude of Main Tera Hero is in love with the Barfi! hottie. Even Varun has declared that he is fallen for Ileana, hasn’t he?

Ever since Varun Dhawan has screamed palat…in Main Tera Hero’s popular number Tera hero idhar hain, the dude has only provoked us to translate the catchy lyrics of that composition into English only to see it getting lost in translation. Take a look at our naughty endeavor and tell us how Varun would have wooed Ileana in the queen’s tongue…

Dekha hai tujhko jabse

Haay main toh hil gaya

Lagta hai mere seene se dil nikal gaya


Seen you eversince

Sigh me shook up

Seems the heart is pulled out my chest


Mummy se kya Daddy se bhi milaaunga tujhe

Arey jo bhi main kahun

 tujhe lagta hai kyun ghalat



Mom and dad I will make meet you

Whatever I say

You feel I say wrong

Turn around..


Tera dhyan kidhar hai

Ye tera hero idhar hai


Where’s your attention

Your hero is here