Why does Vidya Balan think Emraan Hashmi is an aalsi ladka?

The Ek Thi Daayan actor is one of the most passionate, energetic and focused stars of B-town and always on the lookout for good work. Wonder why then does Vidya think badly of him…

Vidya Balan plays a nagging wife to Emraan Hashmi in Raj Kumar Gupta’s Ghanchakkar, something which unfortunately every married man can relate to – the moment the bechara husband sits to watch TV, his wife starts yelling at him for being lazy and good for nothing. Similarly, Vidya too can’t see her hubby Emraan watch TV; instead she prefers him catering to her demands and lending her a helping hand in household chores. This time, we translate the lyrics of the quirky song Lazy lad only for you. Hope after enjoying it, you get back to your work and don’t remain a lazy lad like apna Emmi!


Let ke sofe pe killaan gaade
Plasma TV ka mukhda taade
Lazy lad, lazy lad saiyaan
Lo kar lo baat

Lying sofa on nail dig
Plasma TV’s face see
Aalsi ladka, aalsi ladka lover
Take do take talk


Kaam ki baaton se palla jhaade
Bewajah kismat pe yeh bill phaade
Arey lazy lad, lazy lad saiyaan
Lo kar lo baat

Work’s talks on curtain move away
Without any reason luck on bill tear
Arey aalsi ladka, aalsi ladka lover
Take do take talk


Yeda hai haye re
Peda na khaaye re
Toko to poochhe
Why why why why baby
Why why why
Why re

Mad is haye re
Sweet no eat re
Poke then ask
Kyu kyu kyu kyu kyu
Kyu kyu kyu
Kyu re

Ghar ghar ki kahaani… Biwi kare manmani, yehi hai shauhar ki pareshani!