Why doesn’t Akshay Kumar want to be known as the khiladi anymore?

Why doesn’t Akshay Kumar want to be known as the khiladi anymore?

Over the years, the word khiladi has been Akki’s second name; it has brought him luck and success at the box office. Wonder why then does Akshay now want to disassociate himself from the tag?

Akshay Kumar has been fondly referred to as the Khiladi by his fans and industrywalas, and this title has proved to be lucky for the action star. But looks like apna Akki is not interested in being referred to as khiladi anymore. In Milan Luthria’s action thriller, Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Again, Akshay plays Shoaib Khan who mouths some dhasu dialogues like ‘Khiladi tha, ab poora khel hoon’ and ‘Pyaar mein marne ke liye tayyar ho jao’. While the first part Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai starring Ajay Devgn and Emraan Hashmi worked big time mainly due its asardaar dialogues, we wonder what’s going to happen this time around with its sequel, especially if Akshay and Imran Khan indulge in over-the-top, unbelievable and tacky dialogue baazi on screen. We translate all those lines only for you. Take a look!

Peene ki capacity, jeene ki strength, account ka balance aur naam ka khauf kabhi bhi kam nahin hona chahiye
Drinking’s kshmata, living’s taaqat, khaata’s jamaa punji and name’s terror anytime less no happen


In award ki keemat sirf ek saal ki hoti hai par duaein hamesha saath deti hai, isliye kehna chahungi – bass dua mein yaad rakhna
This award’s value only one year’s there but wishes always together take is, that’s why saying wish – only wish in remember keep


Apne dhande ki ek saying hai – jahaan teen ka tigda, wahan kaam bigda
Our profession has one kahaavat – where threesome there work suffers


Mohabbat woh mohra hai jiski wajah se bade bado ko maat mili hai
Love that pawn is who’s reason because big big have suffered failure is


Chaubees ghante ka time hai, khud nahi aayi toh is Raavan se bachane ke liye koi Ram nahin aanewala
24 hours time is, urself no come then this Raavan from save any Ram no coming


Khiladi tha, ab poora khel hoon
Player was, now full game is


Pyaar mein marne ke liye tayyar ho jao
Love in die ready become

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  • Raja

    Only nut cases and 2-bit hore reporters translate dialogs in one language into another to make it look funny! Akki’s dialogs in Hindi really carry the punch. Akki never goes over the top and he is one of the most understated actors in Bollywood inlike the monkey and midget old paiKhans whose money you eat to dump your excreta here on Akki. How aboy translating James Bond’s dialogs into Hindi and make him say those? Unbelievable gutter journalism!

    • sana


  • Saurabh

    Akki rock this time

  • sana

    amazing movie ys super dislodges

  • Sumita

    Akshay Kumar looks Amazing in Gangster look & I am 100% sure OUATIMA will going to Rock the nation on EID !

  • Sumita

    Akshay Rocks !

  • Tanveer

    Going to be a blockbuster! Way better than Chennai Express!

  • Himanshu

    The trailor of OUATIM2 is awesome. The looks and the dialoge of akshay kumar is amizing.
    Iam sure this EID will be only for “AKSHAY KUMAR”.

  • nidhi pandey

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