Why doesn’t Katrina Kaif need help with her PR?

‘Coz this Dhoom:3 babe sure knows how to maintain friendly ties with everyone – be it her ex-flame Salman Khan, co-star Shahrukh Khan or rumoured current beau Ranbir Kapoor

When it comes to acting Katrina Kaif still has a long way to go. Yes, she has quite a few blockbuster films in her kitty, but then they starred Bollywood bigwigs Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar and Shahrukh Khan who would pull in the audiences anyway, right? But this leggy lass has one skill that is winning her friends and keeping her in the good books of everyone, rivals or not. She has mastered the art of maintaining relationships with industrywallahs…. except with her female colleagues, of course!

Take a look at it from where we have been watching the Chikni Chameli babe. Kat was spotted at Salman’s sister Alvira Agnihotri’s Bandra home where the Khan-daan hosted Ganpati celebrations this year. Even though Sallu and Kat’s prem kahaani ended a long time ago, the babe has managed to stay in the good books of the Dabangg Khan and his ultra-protective, super-supportive family. And then just few days ago, Ms Kaif dropped by her alleged boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor’s residence to attend Ganpati puja there. As it was last day of the elephant headed God stay at RK’s home, the Jab Tak Hain Jaan girl couldn’t afford to miss out a moment to bond with ‘friend’ and family, hai na?

Looks like this B-town babe is no less than a superwoman. She makes sure to be at the right place at the right time. Or maybe she just has good public relations skills. Whatever the reason, Katrina is making every effort to keep her ‘good rapport’ going with all her co-stars and the people who matter in the filmi duniya she now calls home. Wise move, we say, especially considering the fact that she has been losing out on a lot of plum projects due to unavailability of dates, vaghera vaghera. After all, there will be a time when these same friends come in handy – right, Kat?