Why has Kareena Kapoor Khan suddenly become bindaas?

Tue, July 1, 2014 9:39pm IST by
Why has Kareena Kapoor Khan suddenly become bindaas?

Bebo has given quite a few quotes in the last few days…

Something’s up with Kareena Kapoor. Either she has entirely let go of all worldly decorum that calls for couching one’s language or she has been taking private tuitions from Kamaal R Khan on “How to make attention-seeking statements for the heck of it!” She has given us a string of quotes in the recent past and her latest one is “I have always said that I have been slightly mad.”

The entire Shuddhi controversy brought Kareena back from the dead as prior to that nobody was caring much about her career. She made it to the news by turning down Shuddhi and went on to strategically give quotes that would keep her in the lime-light. She was quoted saying, “Will Salman be part of Shuddhi? It is all created by you all (media). Shuddhi is shelved. Karan is working on The Warrior remake I think with Siddharth Malhotra and Akshay Kumar… this is what Karan said. It (shooting) will start in August,” Yep she went ahead and took the libery to comment on a project she is not even a part of!

A little birdie told us how Kareena didn’t even shy away from bitching about Alia Bhatt who idolises her and was heard saying that she doesn’t like to be compared to the Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania actor. That too after pouting for a selfie with her at the airport! Such double standards! Perhaps the insecurity of not being the most popular actor in the industry anymore has made Bebo bitter and pushed her to make statements like,” I think I am the most commercial heroine” and ““I don’ t think like a typical actor!” and also, “I don’t have anything to prove to anyone right now.”

She also repeatedly bragged about playing a prostitute onscreen for some strange reason and said, “ I was 21 when I played the role of a prostitute in Chameli and then again played it in Talaash.” thus trying desperately to establish that she is a bold actor. But it doesn’t seem like she is getting many offers as she hardly has any interesting projects in her kitty. Shuddhi could have been great for her career but Bebo thought it wiser to turn down Karan Johar’s dream project.

About her absence from social media Kareena says, “I don’t understand what’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram!” Considering that Bebo is famously known as the most vain Gossip Queen of B-Town, her concept of not understanding social networking sounds like an outrageous lie to us. Perhaps she is threatened by the humongous fan following of the younger crop of actors, who can tell?

We can see through her obvious attempts at salvaging what is left of her popularity by slurring other successful actors and making bizarre statement without a care in the world. Well Bebo, we just hope that your attention-hogging antics actually do you some good otherwise we wouldn’t be left with much of a choice but to agree with you on about you being mad.


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  • Pia Dixit

    I think this piece is a little exaggerated, but yes, I think Kareena is going through a mid-life crisis of sorts. She should have waited a little bit more before getting married.

  • Shakuntela

    Like always I like to give proof for the statements I give. It also helps the reader to understand why I have a certain opinion about someone. God bless her. She is really over confident. Let me explain. Kareena during Heroine promotion was so sure she was better than Aishwarya, Vidya, Kangana and Priyanka.

    When journalist kept asking her about national awards she got angry. It was logical for the journalist to ask her about it as Kangana and Priyanka got both one for Fashion, Madhur’s last film. This is what Kareena had to say: Kareena had said: “I don’t want the national award… I seriously don’t need any such thing.” Priyanka took a jibe saying: “Well, I guess if you don’t have one (National Award), then sour grapes!”

    When asked how she felt about the fact Aishwarya was ‘kicked out’ and she(Kareena) replaced her, she became ecstatic when asked the question and couldn’t wait to answer it. She said she thinks Aishwarya is amazing, but she is from a different generation. In other words, she is basically old. Aishwarya is older, but what was the need of making such a statement? Plus, Aishwarya kicked Kareena ass in the early to mid-late 2000s. Kareena did a photoshoot for Devdas. A so called look test. A look test is a test like it says, it’s wasn’t a confirmation like many Kareena fans like to say. Here is a piece from the filmfare interview in which Sanjay Leela Bhansali describes Kareena’s bad behaviour. Interview (print) with Umesh Jivnani:Sanjay Leela Bhansal had just screen tested Kareena Kapoor for the role of Parvati in his upcoming film Devdas. However, he choose Aishwarya over her after this for the role. This didn’t impress Kareena Kapoor as she claimed, “Sanjay Bhansali is a confused director. He is a person who does not stand by his word. He doesn’t have any morals and principles in life.”

    Sanjay replied in Filmfare, July, 2002. “She came to my house with Neeta Lulla and said she wanted to work with me… I told her that I hadn’t seen her work and that before casting her, I needed to see what she was capable of. We fixed up a photo-shoot with the right costumes. Since Babitaji and Karisma Kapoor were also at the shoot, I made it clear to all of them that the shoot wasn’t a confirmation that I would cast Kareena. They were okay with that at the time. After going through the photographs, I told Kareena that I felt Aishwarya Rai was fabulous and perfect for Paro; she has the aristocratic looks I required. Kareena didn’t say a word then but some days later I found her lashing out at me in print. She accused me of backing out after having given her the signing amount and contract. Believe me, this is not true. She also said I didn’t know how to make films. Kareena is a fabulous girl who’s doing very well in life. However, I’d like to inform her that I do know how to make films. She has tried to tell me that she was misquoted but I’d like her to know that I’ve heard those tapes. Recently, we met at Sikander Kher’s birthday party. I told her that if I have a suitable role for her, I’ll cast her. Till then, I’ll brush up on film-making.” Interestingly Kareena finally got the role she was considered to be right for, Ram Leela, but that also didn’t work out. Sanjay recently said, that he was wrong to even think Kareena could play Leela when Deepika was all the time there. He said he can not imagine anyone else playing the role of Leela.

    She also compared herself to Madhuri and Sri Devi in 2002 after 2 years in the industry. That’s the level of over confidence she has and the fact she always gets special treatment because of nepotism. Filmfare, March, 2002: Bebo on Madhuri Dixit and Sri Devi ‘’Madhuri Dixit gave her first hit after nine years. Sridevi never had a historical hit. And yet they were the top actresses because they were immensely talented. The same goes for me too.”

    Also when Kareena did her first movie with Salman Khan, Kyon Ki, it flopped badly. This was before Salman’s Dabang and Salman had hits and flops all the time. Once the movie flopped she said this: Interview (print) with Umesh Jivnani: “I’m not at all a Salman fan. I don’t like him, he’s a very bad actor.” Today when Salman is extremely successful she is even ready to become his chipkali in songs like fevicol se.

    She also drums in our ears how modern she is with the emphasis on how much she likes everything ‘English’. Like always I like to give proof for what I say, here are her quotes: Filmfare, Septemer, 2013:‘’I enjoy reading magazines that cover the English country life’’

    “Our relationship is very English, at the same time it’s grounded and earthy.’’

    ‘’Our friends are mostly in England and New York. In Mumbai, we don’t go out much. Saif doesn’t like it.’’

    “We don’t live in the 1900s. We don’t live like traditional saas bahus. We just went to the Maldives for a holiday where I wore a bikini in front of my mother-in-law. It’s normal”

    PTI November 2013 In conversation with Kareena Kapoor Khan: “Saif hardly sees any Hindi movie. He acts in Hindi movies but he doesn’t watch them.’’

    Marie Claiere, June 2013: ‘’We are not a typical Indian couple who get married just so they can have a child. We are modern.”

    Hindustan times September 2013: ‘’Frankly, we (Saif and I) don’t watch Hindi films. I had stopped watching those about eight years ago with an exception sometimes. But, Saif doesn’t watch them at all.’’

    ‘’And, unless it’s a great film and I want to unwind, I don’t watch Hindi cinema. I am more into English television’’

    She made many nasty ‘charity’ statements. Talking about movies that are not her’s. I don’t think this requires proof. This post and many other are proof in itself. This one tops it: Lakme Fashion week 2014: ” have left ‘Shuddhi’, I am not part of it anymore. I am not at all disheartened about it, Bombay Samurai delay gives me more time for myself and to holiday. I am married now I am not running a relay marathon now.” (‘Queen’, ‘Ram-Leela’, ‘Chennai Express’, ‘Fashion’, ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’, ‘Black’) “I feel honoured and glad to give work to other people. I hope they become stars as I have rejected big films.” I am very keen to work with Sanjay Leela Bhansali. The first Singham film was a remake.The sequel in an absolute original. And I have a very strong part. Do you think I’d do Singham 2 if I was didn’t have much to do in the film? Rohit Shetty is very fond of me. “I’ve done it all. I don’t need to prove anything to anyone.

    Kareena also arrogantly justifies her bad choice of movies. Read her following quotes: December 2013 Mid-Day Interview with Kareena Kapoor: ‘’I want to read every page of a script that I get, I have never done that in my entire life.’’

    Well make your own conclusions. Pinkvillaboy don’t bother replying this time. Lots of Love, Shakuntela One and Only.

    • Ally

      Word. Everything you’ve said is true. This is her problem. Its not that shes a bad actress , in fact she is talented but her attitude reeks of someone who is venomous.

      She can’t cloak her rude behavior by saying she is ‘honest’. I’m so sick of people continuously condoning downright disgusting behavior by saying they are being honest.

    • LailaSamadi34yrsOldAfgh

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      • aisha

        Hi again, saw this documentary , Manipuri documentary Mary kom movie on u tube, please do check it out. If pc’s Marykom is anything remotely close to that, it will become a classic. It’s short yet so inspiring. It will do pc herself some good to watch this documentary if she hasn’t already especially now. The “movie” made me wonder how celebrated Mary would have been if she was a man. India is lucky to have her.
        Never mind those who insult you, words only have power when u give importance to the “person” speaking, it only has weight when u give it meaning. Those who resort to insults are weak minded and highly insecure, the only difference between them and a child that easily cries is that the child is innocent.
        Won’t bother you again.

    • rrrrr

      Shakuntela..seems like you are seriously obssesed witth the begum..So much info on her…?? Must say, well done dear..!! God bless u

      • aisha

        It’s absolutely clear without doubt that there is a smear campaign going on on pinkvilla against Priyanka and that increased eve r since the awards seasons came on the horizon. First it was an article by sushlee about her having a rift with a film critic then came one titled alia or Kangana , were they even blatantly said her performance in Marykom fizzled out, then four separate articles on her skipping the awards. Without doubt , the pple at pv have a hatered for Priyanka some of the most vile statements not allowed on posts like that of deepika is allowed when it’s a pc article . This is not to say she doesn’t provide the amo that websites like those use against her. Pc could be far greater than she is today but often enough she gets in her own .

        I know you r an ardent fan but you gotta make her understand that being a drama queen isn’t atall cool. She is always surrounded by controversies , she has had more controversies this year than any other star. The most prominent being 1. Reddit 2. Sex racket 3. Skipping the award show which was quite childish on her part. Clearly it was biased deepika didn’t deserve to be the star of the year, even those who support her knew that, but pc made a mess outta everything by overreacting what’s worse is her posts on tweeter , if she had just resisted the temptation to tweet everything she feels the impact wouldn’t be this much.
        Please shauntela, not everyone is a hater, i don’t usual like celebs but i happen to like Priyanka’s work she is fantastic and often underrated whilst others like deepika and kareena are overrated. However she needs to chill, stop talking about how tough her work is especially baijirao mastani cos then pple will say she is insecure they already have, imbibed humility, think b4 she speaks
        I want her to act like a queen with grace not a diva
        You her fans are the only ones who can make her realise her faults. It isn’t fair that she always puts her fans in a position where they have to defend her. I believe 2014 was totally her year but like everything else about pc it all got underplayed becos of the media pple who r controlled by her many adversaries. She has to start taking responsibility and learn the politics of humility, she has enough enemies and doesn’t need more.
        # talk less, listen more, pple don’t care about what you feel it’s what you do that matters. Less is more
        # whining about something only make a person seem weak and insecure
        # the more you show you want something the more those who have something against u ensure you don’t get it.
        # jealousy destroys the jealous person more than the person it is directed at.
        Find a way to post this to her. I will send some more. You owe it to her she has to hear the ugly truth.

    • <3cppd<3

      U r so damn rite shakuntela. kkk is exposed like always.

    • aisha

      Salam, hi, i know u r a huge fan of pc, i like some of her work too. Please if you could, check the article on bollywood life about her Q & A session on reddit and read, my comments.

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    • Lovely

      Well said Shakuntela but brain dead flopeena fans are finding it hard to digest all these facts. Instead of giving you a constructive reply they are being abusive, in that case you have won.

    • aisha

      Hi again, saw this documentary, “Manipuri documentary Mary kom movie” u tube, please do check it out. If pc’s Mary kom is anything remotely close to that it will become a classic, it’s short yet inspiring, it will do pc herself some good to watch this documentary if she hasn’t already especially now. The movie made me wonder how celebrated Mary would have been if she was a man. India is lucky to have her.
      Never mind those who insult you, words only have power when you give importance to the “person” speaking, it only has weight when u give it meaning . Those who resort to insults are weak minded and highly insecure, the only difference between them and a child that cries easily is that the child is innocent.
      You know i mistakenly sent this to your’s and pc’s adversary hours ago?, how silly of me, won’t bother u again.

    • te

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    • aisha

      Pls go to an old bollywood life page titled, why has kareena suddenly become binds? I left a msg for you which mistakingly got sent to a rrrr. It’s the latest one their please patiently read. I’m so sorry 4 the mistake.

    • aisha

      Shakuntela, don’t know if u:d get this but I had to try communicating with u. I know u like pc and jave the best intentions but You do a lot to make PC bashing on pinkvilla worse especially by attacking Katrina who has no issues with pc and when u do pple forget u r a deepika fan also and leave pc to take the brunt. Plz stop, PC has enough hate to deal with.
      I would also like to sieze this opportunity to plead with u to boycott pinkvilla in fact I think PC fans should run a boycott pinkvilla campaign priyanka haters love it there coz they r allowed to write just about anything comfortably without getting befiting replys. The only way the abuse will reduce is if we let them continue without entertaining them. Pple like Zara , morism and others have left or greatly reduced visiting even Pinkvilla girl the only ones left is u and PC is mine.
      Please do visit Bollywood life more often and where we get free hand to support defend her. I know the pple here will like it since it will increase their subscribers and fans, who knows, maybe those sick haters will follow u here where they can be replied.
      Shakuntela, do listen, coz no matter how much a person want s a fight they’d have no choice but to back off if they aren’t being engaged.

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  • shakutala ki kutti amma

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