Why Hrithik Roshan snubbed Priyanka Chopra!

Why Hrithik Roshan snubbed Priyanka Chopra!

Hrithik deliberately discarded Priyanka’s name from the list of invitees for his Agneepath success party to please Shahrukh Khan’s wife Gauri

When Hrithik Roshan threw a party to celebrate the success of his blockbuster Agneepath on Saturday night, he was forced to leave out Priyanka Chopra, who was an important member of the cast. Reason: Gauri Khan.

Gauri has been extremely uncomfortable about the gossip regarding hubby Shahrukh Khan’s closeness to Piggy Chops. She has been discussing this with her close friends- Sussanne Roshan, Maheep Kapoor, Bhavana Pandey and Mehr Jesia – and they have been supporting her in the decision to leave Priyanka out of their social circle. They didn’t even say a ‘hello’ to her at the bash thrown for Oprah Winfrey. Remember Priyanka left the venue very quickly that night? We hear that she was quite embarrassed by the cold treatment she got from Gauri and gang, and decided to make an early exit.

Gauri has made it clear that though she won’t interfere in SRK’s professional decisions, she won’t tolerate Priyanka coming into her personal space. Things have become quite awkward between the two and partying with Chops is the last thing Gauri wants to do. Considering that Hrithik shares a great rapport with Priyanka and she is also working with him in his home production Krrish 2, it was a tough decision for the actor. Finally, he had to choose Gauri over Priyanka as he and his wife Sussanne consider her family. Poor Hrithik, caught in the middle of a cat fight, ha?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Imran

    thats such a pathetic thing to do!!! dont expect this from u hrithik.. atleast i thot u not a pea sized brain!!

    • Lissa

      I’m from malaysia…I love priyanka..she’s very talented actress..so sad if they really do that to her..not profesional at all…

      • lchee52

        I agree, why pick on priyanka only and not srk, you needs two hands to clap, right!!! Gauri should start with her hubby first instead of putting the blame on others!!

  • Rajah

    When Priyanka Chopra was on Simi Garewal’s”the most desirable”,the astrologist told her that she will have an affair with a famous and rich man; and will eventually get married. Maybe, she was following her intuition, that probably her affair with SRK was the destined factor. Her tryst with SRK at 3:00 am in the morning tells what kind of a woman she is. Hopefully, her expectations were shattered by the publicity. Sasha would be surprised.

    • Kevin

      they were rehearsing for the zee cine awards the night before the show…. have you have studied for an exam or something and stayed up late with friends doing last minute prep? Give them a break

  • esther

    priyanka s a talented young n ambitious lady,i donot believe hithrik wil consider mrs shakrukh over ma priyanka,am a big fan of your film:krishh,i love priyanka choprah

  • snowdosc

    How do you expect a wife to feel to know of her husband’s close proximity to another woman? Especially after all the support that Gauri Khan has provided for her husband …

    • ruth james

      that is so stupid. is the man fualt not the lady
      if y know u can’t keep one woman, than don’t marrage.
      priyanka is a beautiful woman who men want to date and she not a baby. she is a big woman. don’t lie again her, let her talke for herself.

  • Raka

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  • Kanupriya Sawhney

    Agar PC aur SRK KA Affair h bhi toh Hritik aur suzanne ko koi farak nhi padna chahiye.Its between Gauri, SRK & PC

    • sanket

      hrithik should first divorce his ugliest lowest life pros wife…anyway he is ‘close’ to both pc n gauri …he should avoid his own pros ugly wife only

  • Tawakalt

    Hi everybody, fans of SRK, PC and hrithik; plz try and understand esp. for hrithik that is between two people; his wife & SRK’s wife. Though as someone already said that SRK’s wife is not suppose to attack PC but are husband

  • manish

    hrithik should first divorce his ghatiya witch cheapest ugliest pros wife,then try to be a good friend of gauri…okkkk…uski khud ki biwiw itni sadeli pros hai aur woh aaya hai bada gauri ki madad karne…