Why is Aamir Khan visiting Rajasthan’s ghost town Bhangarh?

While the actor’s spokesperson says that he is simply curious to discover more about the spooky place, we think it’s a mere promotional strategy for Talaash

Aamir Khan’s Talaash may have a paranormal twist in the tale, but the actor declares that in real life he doesn’t believe in ghosts and goblins. But seems like Khan loves to explore and experience, which is why he will very soon be undertaking an adventurous road trip from Jaipur to Bhangarh, in Rajasthan.

Why is Bhangarh considered haunted: There are two theories that revolve around this town.

As per the first one, Bhangarh is cursed by the person who approved the construction of the town. It seems he set a condition that if the shadows of the palaces touch him, the city shall be no more. Locals say that’s one reason behind the destruction of Bhangarh.

The second tale is a much more interesting one. It’s about a tantrik (Singhia) who fell in love with the beautiful princess (Ratnavati) of Bhangarh. The tantrik was a specialist in black magic. And when he discovered that the princess is showered with marriage offers, he tried using his powers to win Ratnavati’s heart. He did black magic on the oil that the princess’ maid had purchased from the market. The plan was that the royal lady would surrender herself to him after touching the oil. But it seems Ratnavati somehow discovered that the magician had something devious going on in his mind. She outwitted the tantrik by pouring the oil in the ground. Although the oil transformed into a boulder, the tantrik was deeply devastated. And as he lay on his death bed, he cursed that whoever dwelt in the palace will not stay alive. People still believe that Ratnavati has taken a rebirth, and she will come back someday to put an end to this curse.

Recent episode of Fear Files based on Bhangarh: The makers of the show decided to shoot an episode that revolved around how the whole unit of Jhansi Ki Rani had a tough time shooting in Bhangarh. Every time they rolled the camera, some or the obstacle would come their way. As the unit realised that they should get going from this place, the lead actor of the show Ulka Gupta was found missing and was found lying unconscious in the tantrik’s den. Even the horses that were bought on the sets lost control, and created quite a ruckus at the shooting spot.

Now despite all these scary stories woven around Bhangarh, Khan desperately wants to get a taste of being in a creepy sight. And the reason is that he was recently asked by someone if he has ever visited Bhangarh. And that one question raised the perfectionist’s curiosity to an extent that he decided to give this scary expedition a shot.

The government has officially prohibited entry to Bhangarh post sunset. And the town is still known for giving rise to a host of mysterious stories. But Khan remains unperturbed by all this, and he wants to carry on with his journey, no matter what!  Now we must say Aamir, we love your promotional strategy of striking the iron when it’s super hot. We just hope that this ghostly escapade doesn’t turn out to be a ghastly experience for you. Best of luck!