Why is Abhay Deol scared of acting alongside Preeti Desai?

The Manorama Six Feet Under actor is all praise for real life girl friend but is also very critical when it comes to performing alongside her. Read on to know why…

Abhay Deol has done commercial as well as off-beat cinema and has proved his mettle in both. But there is something that the actor is skeptical about. He has never worked before with people in his family and it is the first time he is working with his long time girlfriend Preeti Desai. We wonder what stops him from doing so.

A little birdie tells us that the Raanjhanaa actor is very critical about his performance in front of people he knows intimately. When he performs with people who know him very well he feels as if he is under performing. He feels as if he is unable to switch off the person inside him and slip into the character he is portraying. Now whether this is a good or a bad thing we need to wait and watch. Once One By Two releases we would get to know whether Abhay’s fears really comes true while performing with his girlfriend. Wethinks he being a seasoned actor would stay the normal self and perform equally well. What do you think peeps?