Why is Adhyayan Suman not interested in the Rs 100 crore club?

Yeah, we know this question is bound to make you break into giggles. Still, we dig in to find out what’s on the actor’s mind when it comes to the most coveted club in B-town

Shekhar Suman’s darling son Adhyayan Suman is currently busy promoting his upcoming movie Dehraadun Diaries. And a little birdie managed to poke his beak (read: nose) amidst the promotions to ask, “What’s your take on the Rs 100 crore club in B-town, dear Adhyayan?

And do you know what the Dehraadun Diaries actor said? “I am realistic and I know that my film will not earn Rs100 crore. I would love to have my film collect that much money at the box office but I know that wouldn’t happen,” Adhyayan said. Awww! Your honesty makes our hearts go out for you, dear Suman Jr!

Even so, as spirits (literally and figuratively) soar upwards with Christmas just around the corner, a one-off comment from Adhyayan wanting to be a part of the Rs 100 crore club would be forgiven. Right, readers? Wink, wink!

So stop playing so diplomatically safe dude is our advice to Adhyayan. What about you, readers?