Why is Aishwarya Rai Bachchan appearing on The Frost Interview?

Why is Aishwarya Rai Bachchan appearing on The Frost Interview?

After Oprah Winfrey, it’s veteran Sir David Frost who is pursuing India’s most well-known beauty for an interview. But why is the diva not talking to the Indian media?

Award-winning British journalist and TV host Sir David Frost is coming down to India to meet the inimitable Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. The actor is slated to appear on his new show along with several Hollywood celebs in hour-long episodes.

Why does this not leave us excited? Sigh. It seems Aishwarya is giving interviews only to the firangi media, what with her several appearances on Oprah Winfrey’s show, including her recent one after giving birth to little Aaradhya. She was also seen on The David Letterman Show in 2005.

So, why is Aishwarya not talking to the Indian media? Why is she not appearing on prime chat shows on Indian television? Does she think people back home are too obsessed with her weight, and those abroad are not talking about that aspect of her physical appearance? Or is it the big bucks here?

While it is prestigious to be on the show of the baap of interviewers, Sir Frost, we wonder when Ash will begin talking to us again – maybe when she signs a new movie, we would guess. Or maybe when she has lost all the weight she has accumulated over her long break from public life? We’re waiting…, but not much longer.

Photo courtesy: Aishwayarya Rai Bachchan – White Target | Sir David Frost – Wikipedia

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  • Ritika Iyer

    Because Indian shows are useless. She did appear on Koffee with Karan though. Indian media are the worst in the world. Why should she give interviews to them? They criticize her for gaining a few pounds after pregnancy, like who doesn’t! So what if she is not obsessed about losing weight and wants to focus on her daughter and wants to enjoy motherhood? I hope Ash exposes the superficial Indian media on Sir David Frost’s show.

  • thoughts

    maybe she’s not talking to the indian media because they’ve been nothing but disrespectful to her and her family since the day she announced she was pregnant.

  • MyOpinion

    This article is probably the exact reason why she won’t go near the Indian media. This was written with so much malice, bittreness & sarcasm towards Aishwarya so why should she give the rude, condescending, intrusive & very hateful Indian media her attention. The foreign media treats her with the respect & dignity she has earned & deserves, yet her own native press & people treat her like sh*t! Why are Indians so jealous, ill-mannered & malicious towards people who are beautiful, talented, rich & successful? And you call yourself a religious country? Disgusting!!! SHAMEFUL!!!The world is watching you!

    • M


  • TruthHurts

    The Indian media is absolutely horrendous! Why should she talk to them? Look at how the media treats a respectable family like the Bachchans! They are mean & vicious! The Indian press is as corrupt as their government & are ill-mannered towards celebrities. They spread hate among the actors/actresses by always comparing their successes, failures, bodies, salaries weight etc. Would you talk to someone who treats you like dirt? NO!!! Good for you Aishwarya!

  • AB

    She is looking for Hollywood movies..trying to get exposure..money must be running low…that family sure knows how to stay in the limelight..

  • Huh

    She looks horrible in that picture… scary. Anyway she doesn’t talk to the Indian media because it’s not necessary. Indians worship her like a goddess even though she’s not very good-looking, not a good actor, doesn’t have a personality and doesn’t give back to anyone. On the other hand, she is a nobody in the west and Indians are HONORED when they’re recognized by western people so being interviewed by a British journalist is a big deal for her and Indians lol.

  • MatthewGlantz

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  • Damp

    Uff! Indian media can NEVER learn to respect someone!

    Rather than being proud of someone going that far Indian media always manages to find or create stories that never exist!

    Especially to SHWETA PARANDE (writer of this article) please use the internet to check her recent interviews to NDTV and other Indian channels.

    Hope you consider NDTV as an Indian channel. If you do then your research isn’t complete or should I say you never bother to do it as the focus was more to write a sensational story. Sorry but you failed.!

    Good luck to Aishwarya :)

    • rajesh

      The NDTV and PTI interviews were taken at events if u read carefully. She has not given any exclusive interviews post pregnancy like other actresses – Lara, Celina, Shilpa, etc who look happy, and not Ash.

  • abid kashmiri

    i love u aish
    be happy alwayz in ur life with ur bol bacchan husband