Why is Ajaz Khan thanking Salman Khan?

Why is Ajaz Khan thanking Salman Khan?

The Bigg Boss 7 contestant became popular after his stint inside the glass walled house

Ajaz Khan was flattered by the love that he received once he came out of reality show Bigg Boss 7. He credits Bollywood star Salman Khan for making him popular among the audience when he was inside the Bigg Boss house. “Salman Khan is the man who has put me in the hearts of the audience. I first made a place in his heart and only then could I enter the people’s hearts,” Ajaz said here Friday at an acting institute Livewires.

“When the public saw their idol Salman appreciate me, they thought if he can, then even they can love me. Salman is responsible for placing me where I am,” added the actor, who was the second runner up of Bigg Boss 7.

Ajaz further praises Salman for being a good human being. “Salman bhai is a very good man and that is why he is in the hearts of so many people. He is not like ‘I am a superstar and stay away from me’. He never misses a chance to appreciate someone and there is hardly anyone in the industry who does it,” Ajaz said. Ajaz, who has already done some films in the south, will soon be seen in the Hindi film Ya Rab.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Aamar Khan

    now this i called a great soul humanbeing, on other hand salman chutiya had never miss a single show whre he hadnt insulted ajaz but sill he is prasing in him i think he is a true guy in show also gohar , sangram, armaan always dislike him but he still stand 4 them

    • Raj Kumar Yadav

      Salman didn’t insult him but rather showed him the way to success in Bollywood and how to stay long… Ajaz took Salman’s comments in positive way unlike you did it. Don’t be a spineless fagg0t.

    • fahein

      Thodi si tameez sikh lo kahin jakar…..dusre ko ‘c*****’ kehne se pehle apne aap ko dekho..itne bade
      suprstr ko dekh kar pant gili ho jayegi..

  • Raj Kumar Yadav

    Great going Ajaz!! Way to go! Ek Number Bhai!