Why is Akshay Kumar desirable and dangerous too?

We certainly think the Khiladi of Bollywood is desirable but dangerous? Well, that’s just the lyrics of the new song from his upcoming film

The latest disco number from Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobara reminds us of the 70s. Tu hi khwahish is peppy song sung by Sunidhi Chauhan and composed by Pritam. We love the way Akshay Kumar makes his grand entry in the song. He looks like one of those dreaded-handsome don and the lyrics of the song aptly describe his personality. So we thought of making this disco track more interesting by translating it in Hindi. Read and tell us know how it sounds….


Ho tu hi khwahish..

Ho tu hi khatra..

Zeher tera mujh mein utra

Oh you only desirable

Oh you only danger

Poison yours mine down


Bada shor uthaa hai kaanon mein

Mehfil mein aur maikhaanon mein

Tera nashaa ghol kar daalaa hai

Maine dil mein aur paimanon mein

Big noise grown ears in

House and bars

Your addiction mix did

I heart in and glasses in


Ho tu hi khwahish

Ho tu hi khatraa

Zeher tera mujh mein utraa

Oh you only desirable

Oh you only danger

Poison yours mine down


Daakaa tera dil pe padaa

Labon se tune jo chhoo liyaa

Sholaa banaa, jal gayaa

Dil mera dhuaan hi dhuaan hi dhuaan..

Robbery your heart fell

Lips you touch did

Fireball became, burnt went

Heart mine smoke only smoke only smoke