Why is Amitabh Bachchan quiet on Yash Chopra’s first death anniversary?

The superstar had written a long blog piece and shared Chopra’s last visuals when he passed away last year on October 21. But today, he is quiet…

Amitabh Bachchan, who acted in several Yash Chopra movies, is quiet on the filmmaker’s first death anniversary today. When Yashji passed away on October 21, 2012, Big B had promptly poured his thoughts out on his blog– his last meeting with the director, his last phone call and his last visuals with him.

Last year, in a post titled Death in its darkness overtakes and clouds us all .., the actor had understandably got philosophical, overcome with nostalgia. Yashji’s contribution to the millions of viewers who witnessed his creativity is immortal, he said, and rued that his association with him suddenly came to end when the filmmaker died of dengue and organ failure.

He’d said, “I last saw him, as do you from the pictures above, on my birthday celebrations. He was indisposed and the doctors advised him rest, but he was insistent on coming over. He had made a commitment he said. He had been asked to speak…It was his last public speech and appearance. The pictures you see above are his last visuals. His whispered words, the last he made to me, at the 10th October celebrations for my birthday. The visuals that one shall see tomorrow will be his last before the cremation, those that he shall never know of. His breathe has gone and all that shall remain will be that which he gave life to – his creativity, his emotion, his poetry on film and above all his humanity.”

Sharing stories of their struggling days, Bachchan had written, “When he broke away from working with his brother the distinguished BR Chopra, another institution of eminence, he started his independent work from a small 6×10 little dress and property storage room in the great V Shantaram’s RajKamal studios. Two simple desks occupied the cramped space. He sat on one. His accountant on the other. Paper work, posters, at times dresses for the artists of his film were stored within that room. He and I would spend hours in that little space talking film, scenes, stories, shooting issues and just a lot more. He rose from there by shear dint of his talent and hard work and built, in the most central commercial area of Mumbai, on acres of land, the most modern and well equipped studio that the film industry has seen to date. He did not just sell beautiful dreams, he created them too in reality. From an ordinary apartment in a high rise in Pali Hill, he created his own home in Juhu, a minute away from mine. The times spent there, the wonderful and fun filled evenings, the sessions of story and music in his ‘gadda room’, the Holi celebrations, the rich events which gathered eminent artists, the sumptuous meals that he and his wife Pamela cooked for us … just such a vast collection of memories …”

We wonder why Sr Bachchan has not talked about Yash Chopra today… Maybe he’s busy?

Photos: Amitabh Bachchan official blog