Why is Anurag Kashyap partnering with a politician’s son?

The filmmaker who is usually away from anything political is producing a film with Narayan Rane’s son Nitesh Rane

Anurag Kashyap is a role model for thousands of young aspirants who want to enter filmdom. He also has a lot of fans who look up to him for having made it on his own – coming from a middle-class background and striking it big through sheer perseverance. While some films made or written dialogue for are politically inclined – Gulal and Yuva, for example – Anurag has never showed allegiance to any political party or politician. He might’ve have also got some film finance through such sources but he has never tom-tommed about it.

So we were surprised when it was recently announced that Anurag is co-producing a Marathi film along with politician Narayan Rane’s son Nitesh Rane. Anurag’s partner Guneet Monga is also part of the project to be helmed by Punarvasu Nayak.

We hear the film, titled Vakratunda Mahakaya, is a story based on an attempted terrorist attack in Mumbai during the Ganesh festival. If that’s true then we forgive Anurag and we’re on his side, ‘cos this seems like a genuine interest in the film and not a political one!

Rane, too, came into the project after it was half-finished. He said to the press, “The film was already half-made. At the production stage, they wanted someone to come in. When I understood the script and watched the preview, I found the subject interesting. It has turned out to be a great movie. And the involvement of someone like Anurag increases people’s trust in the project automatically.”

We agree. Meanwhile, Vakratunda Mahakaya will aptly release right after Ganesh Chaturthi this year. Will you watch it?

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