Why is Arjun Rampal afraid to talk about Shahrukh Khan?

The D-Day actor is not at loggerheads with King Khan anymore, and we hear the duo is certainly back to being good friends. Then what’s the reason behind Arjun’s silence?

Not too long ago, Arjun Rampal’s fallout with his dear friend Shahrukh Khan became the talk of the town after which the two maintained safe distance. But Arjun and SRK have now buried the hatchet and all is well between the two stars. However, Mr. Rampal who once openly acknowledged his friendship with the superstar isn’t comfortable talking about it anymore. In fact, in a recent interview Arjun even said that his relationship with SRK is no one’s business.

Well, the Ra.One baddie has become superstitious and believes in buri nazar which is why he doesn’t want to create any hoopla around his patch-up with the Chennai Express star. “I am close to a lot of people and I believe in nazar. Whenever I talk about my friendships and relationships in public, things seem to go bad. Perhaps, it’s the pressure to live up to people’s expectations or simply because others make it a talking point. For me, friendship is a personal matter and that’s the way it should remain,” said Arjun.

Looks like, the model-turned-actor is in no mood to take chances this time!