Why is Arjun Rampal sermonising?

As the actor starts writing his own column for a leading newspaper, we try and figure what irked Mr Rampal so much that he decided to pen his column lecturing journos instead of clarifying rumours that he is part of

Seems like all this began when cracks started developing in the relationship between Arjun Rampal and Shahrukh Khan. Known to be close buddies at one point of time, talks about their rift came to the fore when the two weren’t seen making appearances in each other’s parties. Substantiating these rumours were additional stories indicating that the two started keeping a distance from each other during their RA.One days, when they had a lot of disagreements while shooting together. Also, Rampal started featuring in King Khan’s bad books when he signed a Pritish Nandy film despite knowing that SRK is at loggerheads with Nandy, and has been for years now. And then there was that tall tale about Priyanka Chopra – because Arjun tried to warn his buddy Shahrukh about PC’s vixen ways, the Khan went cold to his Om Shanti Om villain, we read. Their respective wives (Mehr and Gauri), who were pretty much on good terms at one point, are now showing their backs to each other ‘coz of their husbands, it was said.

Now all this brouhaha has literally got Arjun’s goat and he says that he doesn’t find any humour in all these stories woven around him, unlike his wife, who giggles madly about it…and that too, with her still-buddy Gauri! And while expressing his disappointment in print, the model-actor talks about karma and salvation and how reporters shouldn’t write things they aren’t aware about, as that leads to a piling up of bad points in their respective karma accounts and all that jazz.

Now we don’t know if Rampal and Khan are friends turned arch enemies or simply friends turned acquaintances or just plain friends, no matter what who says. And we will obviously continue speculating, as that’s our job. But one thing that remains constant about Arjun is that he’s invariably boring. Till now we thought he bores only in his interviews, but now it’s also in the way he writes. His delectable charm and delicious handsomeness aren’t helping much in changing our opinions. And we hope that telling the truth doesn’t attract bad points into our karma account…