Why is Asin upset?

If you think you are looking at Asin’s real profile on Facebook and Twitter, you might need to introspect soon. Turns out the Ghajini star, is not on either of the social networking sites

While talking to a popular entertainment website, a very miffed Asin said “I was ready to overlook these fake IDs using my name as long as they weren’t harmful. But now the problem is getting out of hand.”

Earlier, the Tamil beauty reportedly laughed the ridiculous trend off. But this time, the imposters have certainly crossed the line. Talking about an unknown Bollywood star, who according to the reports put up a detailed account of her conversation with with Asin, she said “I nearly fell off my chair. I won’t name this actor. But she said we shared our most intimate secrets on Facebook. I nearly fell off my chair and asked her whom did she share her secrets with because it was most certainly not me. Two days ago, a journalist came to interview me and said she got all the information on me from what I had written on Twitter. For the record, I’m not on any of the social-networking websites. Apart from my own website, I am not on the internet for any other purpose. I started blogging even before Aamir Khan did in August 2005.”

Although not on Twitter or Facebook, we would certainly like to see some profiles of the gorgeous Tamilian star won’t we? Hope she fulfills our wishes soon.