Why is Boman Irani happy for Jolly LLB’s National Film Award?

The Jolly LLB actor was overjoyed for the film as he feels it was ‘good intention cinema’

Boman Irani, who played a corrupt lawyer in Jolly LLB, is overjoyed at the film being named the Best Hindi Film at the 61st National Film Awards. Boman believes that the film spoke about change and that’s what made it successful. “Jolly LLB, just like Bhoothnath Returns, speaks of what the people want to hear. It’s about hope, about the system and whether there can be some kind of change in the country,” the 54-year-old said here Wednesday at the success party of Bhoothnath Returns. “Jolly LLB was that kind of film and thankfully, it has won the best Hindi film National award, I am really overjoyed,” he added.

Directed by Shubhash Kapoor, Jolly LLB starred Arshad Warsi in the lead role and spoke about corruption in the legal system. Boman believes that just like Jolly LLB, his latest film Bhoothnath Returns is all about good intention cinema and there is a huge scope for such films. “I think there is hope for good intention cinema in the country,” Boman said. He hoped that Bhoothnath Returns gets a National award next year. “The respect that Jolly LLB has got is only because of it’s intentions, like Bhoothnath Returns is also a success because of it’s noble intentions and there is a place for such films. I truly believe it might be Bhoothnath Returns next year,” he said.

Directed by Nitesh Tiwari, Bhoothnath Returns features megastar Amitabh Bachchan in the lead and Boman Irani parallel to him.