Why is Dinesh Mongia aping Amitabh Bachchan?

The cricketer is all set to mimic Sr Bachchan’s look from the 70s. Read on to find out what the cricketer-actor has to say about his debut…

Dinesh Mongia has joined the bandwagon of all the Indian sportsmen who have tried their luck in Bollywood. After sports stars like Vinod Kambli and Leander Paes, Dinesh Mongia is ready to make his film debut.

The ex-cricketer will be seen copying Big B’s Suhaag look. Waah bhai waah! Interestingly, Dinesh who has no experience in acting whatsoever, underwent a three-month long workshop so as to pull off the mimicry business efficiently!

Director Rabinder Parasher had absolute faith in Mongia to carry out the task of replicating the legendary Amitabh because Mongia is a huge Bachchan fan. He will be seen enacting Bachchan’s iconic Yeh kya hai – chappal, kaunsi – Kolhapuri scene from Suhaag.

Unfortunately, the abysmal work of almost every sportsperson who entered Bollywood is hard to overlook. None of them managed to make a mark in the film industry. But we hope that Mongia will be the change and we wish that his film career is as fulfilling as his cricket career.