Why is Ekta Kapoor’s TV serial Jodhaa Akbar in trouble?

Ekta Kapoor's Jodhaa Akbar
Yogen Shah

Ms Kapoor has landed in a messy situation thanks to her ambitious project Jodhaa Akbar which went on air a month ago

Balaji head honcho Ekta Kapoor must be having sleepless nights after all she has been in the news ever since her magnum opus Jodhaa Akbar commenced. Though the show started off well, it’s been embroiled in controversies ever since it started and there is a possibility that the show may have to end abruptly. The makers of the show have been accused for distorting historical facts and showing the Rajputs in bad light in the serial. First an Ahmedabad based lawyer slammed a case against the TV czarina and then Rajput community organisations blocked the overbridge on Ambala-Hisar state highway protesting against the newly-launched soap.

If that wasn’t enough, Akhil Bharatiya Kshatriya Mahasabha was also up in arms against the distortion of historical facts shown in Ekta’s Jodhaa Akbar. In fact, members of Akhil Bharatiya Kshatriya Mahasabha protested outside the Balaji Telefilms office and demanded to stop the telecast of historical show immediately.

Shashikant Pawar, President of Akhil Bharatiya Kshatriya Mahasabha said, “Akbar has been demeaning the Rajputs every second on this show. Apart from that, they have someone called Jodha, a lady who never existed at all. It’s distortion of facts. The show is damaging the image of Rajputs and we won’t let that happen. Hence, we are protesting outside Ekta’s office.” Mr Pawar even threatened to go violent if the makers didn’t pay heed to their concerns.

On the other hand, Balaji Telefilms or the concerned channel is yet to respond on the issue. We contacted Atul Bhalwankar, programming head of Zee TV but our calls were avoided.

While Ekta’s serial has been receiving a lot of flak, we wonder why Ashutosh Gowariker’s film based on the same historical chapter didn’t receive the same reaction. Also, the makers of Jodhaa Akbar have clearly mentioned in the disclaimer that the serial isn’t based on historical facts. So we fail to understand why so much chaos around the show? In fact, for time being Jodha Akbar will be aired for an hour instead of half an hour. Looks like the protests haven’t affected the show and its loyal viewers!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • siddharth

    Jodha Akbar is the best show ever .. It has been dominating our hearts.. we love this programme.. all the protests are misleaded.. they have a false motive.. THE SHOW MUST GO ON…

  • siddharth


  • pinky

    its a awsome serial thats why so much of drama , nothing new!

  • akanksha

    the show must definately go on..dere’s no reason putting it off air..the protestors must see the disclaimer..
    it has been close to heart’s in only few days..

  • AK

    Nice. Just shut down the show. Nobody has right to play with history and this lady need to learn something

  • sanjida

    pls pls jodha akbar sireal one hours kar de i love it

  • sanjida

    pls plssssssssssssssss 1hour cast jodha akbar ilove this sireal and i like rajat tokas

  • sanjida

    pls plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ilove jodha akbar and 1hour

  • Shredha

    Show s rly nice…..i m bg fan of it..hope d show wl go on….mst beautfl show zee tv evr telecastd…

  • Mahi

    Jodha akbar superbSHOW am watching always dont stop this show ang jodha so beautiful paridhi fit h jodha ke role m rajat superb

  • Anjali singh

    I lv this show and I lv rajat tokas………this show must go on……we allllllll lv this show…..

  • Shreya Rajput

    I absolutely love this show. In the beginning of each episode it states that the show is not according to the history so why get offended by it. Grow up people and fight for better causes then this. THIS SHOW MUST GO ON.

  • Pammy

    I just loveeeee this show. I hope they dont cancel it. It tells you in the beginning of each episode that its not based on historical fact so I dont think anyone should be getting upset. Pleasee I really wish they dont cancel it.

  • Chandu

    The show is the awsum show. Itz clearly mentnd dat d serial z nt basd on historical facts. Wats so big deal then? Plz let nt d serial end. . .

  • Taran

    I lv this show vry vry … Much. Muje jodha bhut hi perfect lagti hai es role k lye. Or rajat i love u. Superb! Rajat k elava koyi bhe akbar k role k lye perfect nai hai. Plz. Show 1hr ka kardo. I wish je show hamesha chalta rahe. Paridhi i love u.

  • debaroopa

    I like this soap really because of the hatred look on their faces and the undercurrent of love between Jodha & Akbar.

  • Bea

    I really like the show jodhaa Akbar . Bala Ji thank for making a such a good show.

  • Purandar

    Akabar ka role q negetive dikhate ho.

    • Anthony correia

      I like to see Jodha Akbar show and thank you for such an show .

  • vaibhavi

    its really a lovely show… n dominates over our hearts.. we all frnzz watch it wid great desire n must go on….

  • gyanendra partap rajput

    please bain serial jodha akbar. This serial is not based on real fact but by this serial wrong message delivered in public. Please bain this serial. Don’t forget rajput persanlthes like parthveeraj chouhan, mahrana partap , shiwaji, mahrana sanga, and more en sab mahan logo ne apne pran matrbhumi ke liye tayage hai. Padmini ko bhul nahi jinhone apne satitnv ki raksha ke liye 13000 ladies ke sath aag me kud gai. Rajput jinhone desh aajadi ke bad bhi har bade yudh me important role play kiya chaye 1948 1962 1971 1974 1999 me apni mahtwpuru bhuimika nibhai aap un ke balidano par pani mat dalo .un sabhi ki mahan history ko thod marod ke dikha rahe please humbble request bain this serial

    • kun

      sry if this serial hurt’s ur pride but ur eyes r real weak coz it already declared that this isn’t based on fact…..n still u don’t see that disclamier given before puttin this show……..its just for entertainment so please understand……

  • akanksha

    yaaaaaaaaaaa…..jodha akbar is best serial for me…..

  • Debjani Nag

    This show is superb. I think it reflects the beautiful history of our India

    • pareta

      Very good show, Role of every one is perfact. it should be shown. Play of Jodha role is best.

  • ritu garg

    This show is awsm.m big fan of dis show.plzzz continue it.i like both jodha nd akbar so much.mujhe to har pal aisa hi hota hai ki ye chalta hi rahe
    Ritu garg

  • Shiv sadhana

    Is this show ending. As it is not on tv schedule after August 31. That will be sad as it is great show. Wish this would become one hour

  • Shiv sadhana

    Is this show ending. As it is not on tv schedule after August 31. That will be sad as it is great

  • Atom feed

    Jodha akbar is the best serial .Rajat tokas as akbar and paridhi sharma as jodha is doing very good acting .this is the best serial .IHave ever seen.this is besssssttttttt seriallllllll.

  • madhavi

    It’s a super and full of drama. All the protest again it are meaningless. THE SHOW MUST GO ON.

  • madhavi

    It’s a superb show full of drama. All the protests are meaningless and SHOW MUST GO ON.

  • madhavi

    the chemistry between jodha and akbar is very intresting and i love the acting done by Rajad.

  • Pooja

    The show is very very very n very nice n plssssss plssss plssss plsssss dont stop it….plssssssss…..

  • prachi

    jodhar akbar is very nice show.don’t stop it

  • khan

    ban this serial if it is not about rajputs and mughals history then it is aired on TV.Both have been shown in bad lights.Rajputs are known for bravery and mughals are known for justice so both rulers are the great rulers of india and they contributed alot for the country.

  • deepak dubey

    what a personality rajat you have in mughal fabrics .i like your acting alongwith the paridhi . please expand your show time to 1 hour

  • kanika

    I like Jodha Akbar but please maintain equal impression of both customs

  • jessi

    they r just envious of ekta kapoor that’s why they r tryin to do this non sense things….ekta kapoor u rock n continue wit ur serial we r always lookin forward to ur jodha akbar serial please don’t stop this serial o.k……..

  • ani

    i love jodha akbar . my favourite serial for ever. it should not stop.
    please dont stop the serial jodha akbar.

  • Nach Baliye 6

    Ekta makes her dream project Jodhaa Akbar very successful TV serial .Paridhi Sharma plays a very fantastic role as a jodhaa and her other cast member also do there job brilliantly.

  • vish

    plz continue to air this show. everyone i knw who watches this serial in my country can’t wait for the next day to reach to see the new episode. LOVE THIS SHOW. NEVER MISSED AN EPISODE. WISHED IT AIRED FOR AN HOUR EVERYDAY….

  • rida

    Plzzzzzzzz dont stop this show. All are doing good job. Aur iss ko 1hour serial kar do. Its really awsmm plzzzzz its a reqest don’t stop this show. Pllllllllzzzzzzzzzz

  • rida

    Plzzzzzzzz dont stop this show. All are doing good job. Aur iss ko 1hour serial kar do. Its really awsmm plzzzzz its a reqest don’t stop this show. Pllllllllzzzzzzzzzz . I love this programme. Jodha akbar is one of the best historian serial.

  • priya singh

    hii mam . agr ap . es comment ko dekho to plz mujhe bhi serial me ana ka man h bhot .. plźzzzzz Its request plz give me chance

  • sreelakshmi

    i’ve a dout jodhaakbar serial is real story

  • Zainab

    The serial Jodha Akbar rocks, so haters pls kindly get lost!

  • Aparajita Roy

    The show must go on!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • Pinky Saha adhikary

      This show must stop ASAP .its really gives a wrong idea to Indian people.
      More over I wonder how the writer does know so many unpublished wrong history .

  • Aparajita Roy

    it’s india’s most favourite show !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the show should should not be stopped because of some mere objections

  • Aparajita Roy

    I love Rajat !!!!!!! He is soooooooooo cute and one of the popular most actor

  • Aparajita Roy

    it’s a awesome show

  • shradha sharm

    chalo ye subh din jaldi aya im very excited by hearing this news jodha akbar is nearly to finish ye kaam jaldi ho

  • subba jb

    If Aekta and the Director of the serial are to continue adding such stupid and un neccessary additions just to lengthen the view time’ then it may be Good bye to it by self and a lot of like minded viewers. We look forward to this serial each day to witness some genuine history laced with the love story of Akbar n Jodha along with the tradition , customs and way of life of those days.No one wants to sit n watch a dragging n never ending show which is available in plenty in all the other soaps.Hope Aekta n co get the point n allow us to continue to look forward to this otherwise wonderful serial.