Why is Elli Avram acting pricey despite no films and one flop in her kitty?

Elli Avram acting pricey
Yogen Shah

We often hear about B-town beauties throwing their weight around but a newbie doing the same is a bit shocking, hai na? Well, someone needs to make this quite clear to Ms Avram

Elli Avram, former Bigg Boss 7 contestant is just one film old but her starry attitude is no less than that of a A-list actor. We say so coz the Mickey Virus actor was supposed to be a showstopper at a fashion show in Delhi. Apparently, the organisers had a tough time dealing with Salman Khan’s favoruite Bigg Boss contestant. Elli’s long list of demands left the organisers stunned, we have learnt. Reportedly, the Swedish-Greek babe first asked for business class tickets to and from the capital and also demanded for a luxury car to drive her to the venue. While wethinks Elli went too far with this, her nakhras didn’t stop there. Katrina kaif’s lookalike went one step further and even made designer Nitya Bajaj change the date of the event from December 4 to December 6 at the last moment. We wonder what happened to the sweet gal we saw inside the glass walled house. Well, the old adage ‘never judge a book by its cover’ holds true in this case, no?

Lagta hai Elli madam has taken the ‘Katrina lookalike’ tag way too seriously. Or maybe the firang lass thinks people will accommodate with her high handed behaviour coz of her thodi bahut dosti with the bhai of Bollywood. However, Elli said to a leading daily that despite being ill she attended the show and did whatever she was asked to, we would like to add – there’s a thing called professionalism which is pre-requisite to be a successful actor. So that’s a part of your job Elli and something you should be known for…if not anything else.

We hope Elli realises that she is not Katrina Kaif, and just a Kat look-alike, neither is she Sallu’s new girlfriend. Not to forget that the dame hasn’t yet bagged a film opposite the Dabangg Khan and considering she has slim chances of bagging a role at least until the next couple of years this lass might as well mend her act now. If she continues acting so pricey her career in Bollywood  might just crash even before it takes off.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • booklet

    she is acting like a poor girl in bigboss…her actual character revealed in outside the house…

  • Noora Khan

    This lady was just brought to limelight by the insane Salman Khan who just uses girls like a tissue paper but I blame these women for no integrity of their own. Whether its Kats or Elli both are just dummies. I do not understand why is Elli being so proud of. She was a failure in BB and I guess the movie did not do well. IN the BB i only saw her eating food or standing near the mirror combing the hair only in self grooming nothing more she could do. Her eating habits made me wonder whether she really got food to eat back home because it was a let down to watch a girl coming from Sweden gulping food as if she is from a very poor family and has not seen food for ages. That was a big Shame. Dump her in the trash.