Why is Farah Khan comparing herself to Pran?

The filmmaker felt that a recent parlor disaster left her looking bizarre and almost like one of Bollywood’s most iconic characters

Of late, especially after Farah Khan made her acting debut with Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi, she has been very particular about her looks. From weight loss to designer threads, the filmmaker is leaving no stone unturned in becoming a diva! But recently, a small accident at the hands of an overenthusiastic hair stylist had Farah sit back and take stock of her brief journey in fashion!

On Sunday, Farah went to a local salon to get her hair done all prim and proper. Soon after her hair treatment, the filmmaker tweeted, “New colorist at my parlor got over enthu! Am now looking like a cross between salma agha n sonika gill of ram lakhan!” The filmmaker, who apparently was undecided as to what the new lighter hair colour made her look like, later made up her mind as she tweeted, “Just saw my hair color in daylight!! Definitely Pran frm zanjeer. Now get that pathan suit and sing yaari hai…just easier 2 go n darken it 2mrrow na!”

No sooner did Farah post the tweet that good friend Karan Johar almost begged her to show him her current avatar, “Can u send me a pic please…will make my decade!!” replied Karan on Twitter. But seems like Farah didn’t listen to her best friend and went ahead with the sane decision of colouring her hair again, and this time a darker shade so as to eliminate any comparisons to Pran’s iconic character!

Well, that was quite hilarious. And we love the fact that the choreographer was sport enough to share her fashion disaster with the entire world!