Why is Farah Khan crest-fallen? Watch video!

The ace choreographer-director is red-faced and here is why…

Farah Khan who is busy with her upcoming Shah Rukh Khan-Deepika Padukone starrer Happy New Year was recently left embarrassed on Twitter when an old video of her, dancing with Jaaved Jafferi in the film Saat Saal Baad went viral on Internet! In the video one can see the choreographer and Javed doing some groovy break-dance (like severely groovy) Dressed in white, the duo look like famished figure skaters flaunting them cool moves to a world that was still uncool.

We think that this path-breaking video is a highlight in Farah’s dance career (and acting too because look at all those kickass expressions.) Farah’s close friends have been pulling her leg on Twitter ever since the video has gone viral and the poor director can do nothing but retort with disbelief.

But kudos to Farah for taking it all in her stride! While all the Twitterati have been tripping on this insane work of art, here is a piece for you too BollywoodLifers!