Why is Gauahar Khan lying about her age?

Salman Khan recently asked Gauahar her age on the reality show and without any hesitation Gauahar said 29. Now that would have been the right answer but two years ago…

We know women like to hide their age but when you’re a celeb you just can’t no matter how hard you try. While Gauahar Khan claimed that she is 29 on the controversial reality show Bigg Boss 7, her Wikipedia page tells us that the babe is 32. We know Wikipedia isn’t the most reliable source but then report are also doing the rounds that she celebrated her 29th birthday two years back on another reality show. There is no smoke without fire, hai na Khan saab? But we wonder why Gauahar lied in the first place coz she is the only one in the glass walled house who has been screaming at the top of her voice that she never says jhooth. Double standards eh?

Maybe Ms Khan didn’t want to reveal there is age gap between her and boyfriend Kushal Tandon (28) and hence lied. Or was she afraid of being tagged buddhi? Whatever the reason is, but if Gauahar really thought her lie wouldn’t be caught then we would like to say only one thing – audience ko ullu banana mushkil hi nahi namumkin hai…giggle. Agreed Bollywoodlifers?