Why is Hrithik Roshan angry with the media?

Hrithik Roshan angry with media
Yogen Shah

The honey-eyed actor, who recently split up from his wifey, is quite upset with the mediawalas. But the question is why? Read on to find out

Hrithik Roshan has apparently rented an apartment in Juhu and will soon move out of his father’s place. Interestingly, it’s the same property which Priyanka Chopra had checked out earlier and was even planning to buy. Maybe the dusky beauty didn’t coz of a certain Akshay Kumar who owns the ground and the first floor in the same building. However, now her Krrish 3 co-star has leased the apartment on the third floor, we have learnt. Rumours are rife that Duggu is leaving the Roshan residence to win the love of his life – Sussanne back as one of the reasons why their marriage ended was coz of in-law problems.

But what has this got to do with Hrithik being angry with the media? Well, when a leading tabloid contacted the Bang Bang actor regarding his new residence, he replied via message, “Whether I buy two apartments in Mumbai, a plot in Goa or 10 houses all over the world how is it anybody’s business? Please stop creating your own screenplay. I am not shifting from my current address.” Now we understand the talented actor is going through emotional turmoil but there is always a subtle way to dodge personal questions, no?

Further when asked why he rented the apartment, Rakesh Roshan’s beta chose not to answer. Something he could have done for the earlier as well, hai na?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Trompadourin Tamara

    33 So fans and reporters sometimes I question what kind of world you live me actually. Now we have already noticed that some reporters sleep and still do it. But let it out of ourselves (even Hrithik is a human being with feelings)

    Of course we would but also do all that we are not reminded every day of the loss and the pain or we would renew after all possibility, because you have to live in the present and the now once heist release and renew. And first the living area. (Wallpaper, furniture, cabinets, etc.) Since’s be honest with yourself

    And please contact the reporters since but finally thorough in your work, all’s already on the border of a pain for Hrithik Roshan is Triit not after

  • hatebachchans

    Hrithik is on the top now so every article uses his name to get more hits thats jornalism