Why is Hrithik Roshan avoiding Shahrukh Khan?

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Why is Hrithik Roshan avoiding Shahrukh Khan?

After Arjun Rampal, now the Agneepath hunk Hrithik Roshan has started keeping a safe distance from the Don 2 superstar. What could have possibly gone wrong?

Is it Shahrukh Khan’s quirky humour or is it his not-so-warm-bordering-on-arrogance off-screen persona that irks people? All we know is that Baadshah Khan has many frenemies in the industry. And the conversion rate of friends turning into foes is quite high for the Don 2 star. Shahrukh‘s rivalry with Salman Khan and Aamir Khan is a well-known affair. His equation with Amitabh Bachchan is not so warm either. Choreographer Farah Khan who used to be SRK’s best buddy turned cold towards the superstar a couple of years ago. Shahrukh’s relations with his buddy Arjun Rampal too soured after a rumoured altercation at Mannat. And now Hrithik Roshan is the latest to jump on to SRK’s frenemy bandwagon.

We hear that Hrithik attended the launch of ace photographer Dabboo Ratnani’s calendar but left the minute Shahrukh Khan made his glittery entry. Not just Hrithik but Arjun who was also present at the event simply saw through SRK and walked off without even greeting him. Arjun we can understand, but why Hrithik suddenly turned cool towards Shahrukh came as a surprise.

We also heard that the two avoided each other when they were bringing in the New Year in Dubai. Whatever happened to the joint vacations they used to go on till a couple of years ago? Everything was hunky-dory between the two even a couple of months back when they complimented each other on Just Dance. We think it’s got something to do with Hrithik’s patch up with Salman. Hrithik and Salman had been good friends till their nasty fight over Guzaarish. For the last few months, Hrithik has been making a concerted effort to patch up with Salman and we hear now all is well between the two hunks. Wethinks that is what changed the equation between Shahrukh and Hrithik. And here we were, hoping Hrithik with his Krrish experience would help Shahrukh make a sequel to RA.One that is better than the first. Too bad. Hopefully, the two will mend fences soon. Fingers crossed.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • robin

    srk…….dont need any frnd……coz they all r greedy and selfish people…..either cougar farah khan ,arjun..or who else……..we dont care …………we fan only believe in srk………..we love him ……n we always loved him……..coz he is the king

    • trakk

      Srk is very selfish,and always makes jokes and insults about others….he is a use and throw kind of person and now hrithik is realising it. salman realised long back.

      • fff

        king is king

        • fff

          Salman gay 50 year no-wife might he Have sex with his badaugard

        • mansoor ahmed

          bast of actor only the SRK

  • Anonymous

    Um, I think you the publisher needs to check his facts before posting. Only a few days ago SRK commented on Hrithiks look in Dabboos calender, so all is WELL between the two!

  • atul g

    hritik roshan farah khan selfish hai sharukh tm king ho or sb tmhara use krte hai bs tmhare sath bhaut sare fan hai or mere liye tum god ki tarah ho tm mere idol b ho har pal bhagwan se dua karuga ki tm hazaro sal jiyo lv u sharukh. King

  • trideb

    sure,srk ko koi farak nahi parta,because he is the king……or hum sab tumare sath hai,ok,king……….

  • sajid iqbal

    just leave it yar shahrukh is the king

  • bhagavath

    sharuk wants only mony &fame & SELFISH man they youse farakhan reatick & amithbachan peosotion even salman healps sarukkhan lot of people healps salman but salman alwayas stright maind man some people undastand later its true

  • Iram

    They all are jelous of him. After giving couple of hits which were already a hit, Salman thinks he is God.

    • Bish

      Salman is GOD <3

    • trakk

      jealous? what is SRK achievment?he is king of hype nothing else. He gives one hit in three or four years after 3 or 4 flops.His cricket team is flop.

    • pop

      abe oye…… aur DON to flop movie ka re- make thaa naa…..????????? saruk or wtevr agr king khan hai to apna SALLU BHAI EMPEROR KHAN hai 1 kyo boss?????

  • Kriti

    Badhi badhi logo ke saat aasi choti choti baat hote rahati hai?

  • mithun

    srk kamina hai aur selfish hai hrithik is the bst human being srk anadar se ekdum kamina hai salman straight hai.

    • bish


    • vj

      tu ky srk ke andar ghus gaya tha kya sale

  • Bish

    Sharukh doesnt even care for juhi ..his best buddy

  • Bish

    Salman Is GOd …Yaron ka yaar sabka bhai JAan …
    Salman Khan

  • prem jat

    SRK dog h sala…. lgta h srk sex with karan
    i maen srk karan johar se gand marvata h…..hahahah
    or indono ke salman&ajay marte h…hiiiihahahahaha…..

    • vj

      tu kis se gand marvata hai be’

  • Satya

    r u reply , which 3 or 4 movies r flop ?

  • a

    As per i know sharukhan is d best human being..
    ek to salman lallu khudh ek bada criminal hai aur bolta hai being human.. salman hamesha dusronko dhamki deta hai..
    magar sharuk kisi ko bhi nahi darta hai n srk does nt need anybdys support.. salman n hrithik has given maximum flop movies… 95% of sharuk movies are hit hai… sachin God of cricket..aur sharukhan is God of acting.. dats v call him as king badashah… its just dat sm r jealous abt sharuk popularity .. srk is nly one actor who is popular in worldwide..:) srk i admire u.
    i love u..:-)

  • MHK

    SRK is the best and his “Mahabharat” will be the best movie ever in the bollywood industry.

  • DON 2


  • DON 2


  • cerreno

    Methinks that B-Life is full of crap… There is no way that Hrithik and SRK are not talking to each other.

  • jaky

    shahrukh is the best actor ..what happens??

  • harin

    Shahrukh ko industry me se nilak dena chahiye. everyone hates him. everyone makes fun of his stupid films like ra.one and don 2. so how’s tht sound?

  • shabana

    shahrukh i like you too much

  • Sagar Aasif

    Srk kota hai sala us ki wife ko dekha hai kya sali kitni kali hai.salman khan is the tiger of bollywood.

    • kopite

      Sagar Aasif mate its not good abusing or bringing family in to matters, its a request mate, I’m not sharukhs big fan as we all know how his selfish and jelous of other actors:

  • Asif wani

    Ab sale “srk kote” ko sab avoid karne lage hai.kyon k srk harami hai sala.

  • Ajay mishra

    Hrithik is the best in bollywood . Ithink you take a good decision to brek up with sahrukh because you are the realy king of this world

  • kopite

    Hrithik will never bond with sallu for obvious reasons neither have problem with sallu as he respects every actor, the problem with king khan is his jelous and very selfish neither his films are doing well for sometime and he can’t bare this neither have big heart to swallow some ones succes as he has many times said in media or karan johar show that two succesfull actors can’t be freinds and that’s the reason why today his relationships with other actors are not good be sallu or Amitabh or Hrithik or Arjun rampal or even karan johar he has always hurted his close ones for succes or used them as way to achieve what he wants.