Why is Huma Qureshi excited about her birthday this year?

The Badlapur actor generally is not able to celebrate her birthday, but this year will be different. Read on to find out how…

Huma Qureshi has double celebration up her sleeve. Huma’s birthday is around the corner and she is looking forward to this one as she will be celebrating it after a long time with her family, that too in her new house in Mumbai. But there is another reason for her merriment. What you ask?

Huma’s birthday is on July 28 and usually falls during Ramzan. Obviously, she is not really able to celebrate the occasion. Huma observes Roza and hence her birthday is very low key. However, this time her birthday is, in all probability, on the day of Eid. She will, therefore, get a chance to celebrate both Eid and her birthday, together.

Huma’s parents will be coming to Mumbai over the weekend. She has asked her mom to prepare all her favourite dishes. She loves the biryani her mom makes. She is looking forward to her Eidi and birthday presents and plans to go shopping too. Huma informs, ‘This year Ramzan ends on my birthday and my parents will be there with me. I am expecting to have a festive birthday.”

It sure is a festive and celebratory occasion for Huma. Double whammy we say! Hai na peeps?