Why is John Abraham being a cry baby?

The actor of I, Me Aur Main was heard bawling about the reasons why his recent movie was such a damp squib at the box office. But who is to blame?

I, Me Aur Main turned out to be one of those scattered movies that passed by without anyone taking much notice, or buying a ticket, in this case. Blame it on the release date, is what John said in an interview. “I admit that the film released at a very bad time. Children, particularly teenagers, form a large part of my fan base. And most of them are busy with their exams now,” he said to a tabloid. Eh? But didn’t you agree to the date, John? Apparently he did. So what’s the fuss all about now?

Blame it on the way the film was marketed and promoted, said John, all ready and willing with an excuse yet again. “I can tell you only one thing – very little was done too late. I guess that says it all,” he said, again in that interview. But does it say all? Naah. Why, you haven’t said anything about your acting yet, John!

“John Abraham tries hard to deliver an honest performance, but doesn’t convey the various moods with much distinction,” our critic Prathamesh Jadhav said, and “John smirks and frowns through his performance, unsure of how to play a man who’s hopelessly in love with himself,” said another critic. So some credit of this catastrophic failure should be given to the (non)acting skills of this cry baby too, right?

But guess the actor is too involved with heaping the blame on others to notice how and where he went wrong. Even so, we stay hopeful that on a bright and sunny morning John will finally wake up and smell the…err…coffee as it clogs up the cash registers and stops them ringing. And we pray (just for you, John) that the said morning arrives before the next script does. Fingers crossed.