Why is Karan Johar cosying up to Salman Khan?

Why is Karan Johar cosying up to Salman Khan?

The Student Of The Year director has been seen spending quality time and bonding big time with the Dabangg 2 dude. What’s cooking KJo?

Karan Johar is ‘friendly’ with almost everyone in B-town. The coffee show host shares a friendly bond with our glitzy celebs and perhaps that’s the reason you see a galaxy of stars waiting in queue to appear on his popular chat show to spill the beans. Though KJo is extra-friendly and warm to Shahrukh Khan, he maintains that his equation with SRK is like that of a father and a son. KJo also says that he stands up in respect whenever the King Khan enters the room.

But these days the Agneepath producer is seen spending quality time with none other than Salman Khan. A little birdie chirped to us that at the recently held Dabangg 2 premiere, both KJo and Sallu were seen sitting close to each other. The two were almost inseparable and chatted almost all the time. The duo was also seen in deep conversation on a mysterious topic even at Salman’s brother Sohail Khan’s birthday party. Now this newly-flourished bonding between bhai and KJo could well turn out to be a matter of deep concern for baadshah Khan. After all, SRK’s friendship with Karan is not the same after the Priyanka-SRK over-friendly equation hurt many.

In this situation, Salman, who has become the unbeatable superstar at the box office, is a huge draw for the movie business. The arch rival of King Khan, bhai has also been demanding a fat pay check to appear on Koffee With Karan. And this new friendship blossoming between Sallu and KJo can certainly help the eloquent director. With Salman likely to be roped in Dharma Productions’ larger-than-life cinema and also shining on the coffee show, it will be a win-win situation for Johar. We wonder if the other Khan is not losing his sleep over this new male-bonding business.

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  • desert island

    Shahrukh dam care about such small issues … Kj is a producer plus director so he can cast Salman khan for nay film…like these days shahrukh is also working with Shetty who is a good buddy of Ajey Devgan..So why not KJ talk or cast Salman …n I think Shahrukh has got a big Heart , he isnt cheap like Salman khan … who is irking n jealous creeper !

    • desert island

      Journalists ! the much you people write against Shahrukh , the much people sypathies he is getting …. !!!!
      May he stay blessed always .. n people should die in jealousy amin !

      • nitesh

        Noone is bad yr,just grow up.why we r wasting our time by talking about them..they r not ur relatives so pls let them do what they r doing n just enjoy yr n let thm go to hell

  • Lina

    In my humble mind I think he is the one who Organize the Marraige of Salman Khan.

  • Nandu

    The only reason is he wants to make 200 coror net profit by casting salma khan which he can do by making at least 5 films and in 10 years. Or in other way he wants to make more money in short period of time.

    • nitin

      Crore not coror

  • sunny

    srk is most selfish man on earth and in film industry.

    he is very jeoalous of karan johar and other actors. so. he karan break relationship with shahrukh badmash.

    salman khan is the person with golden heart and always support to other people.

    • Khanna

      did salman khan ever support u …kis ko support kya hai…muje tou nahi kya ? n karan johar is his family friend … lol

  • RAJ

    SRK is the best.

  • shahrukh khan fan4life

    It will be very sad and stupid if karan leaves srk what because salmans movies make 200 rupies so what. At the end of the day shahrukh has been with karan for a very long time and neither of them should forget their past. They work great together and salman might be making money in his movies but shahrukh wins peoples heart and that the most important thing to gain love from the audience it not just about money. Shahrukh has everything he could want so please. If karan leaves srk his a back stabber.