Why is Kareena Kapoor getting closer to Aamir Khan?

Why is Kareena Kapoor getting closer to Aamir Khan?

Once very loyal to the Shahrukh Khan-Karan Johar camp, Kareena Kapoor is now paying more attention to her association with Aamir Khan. Has SRK’s growing closeness to Priyanka Chopra upset Bebo?

Shahrukh Khan is known for upsetting people, knowingly or otherwise. His tongue-in-cheek humour and caustic remarks don’t go down well with many B-towners. With every passing day, SRK is generating more frenemies in his once-loyal friends.The new entrant in this ever-lengthening list is Kareena Kapoor. The gorgeous actor who was once considered SRK’s huge fan and also his co-star in many films including Asoka, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham and RA. One is now keeping a safe distance from King Khan. Instead, Kareena is getting closer to Aamir Khan, who is equally potent at setting the BO on fire and is a massive star in his own right. Now that makes us wonder what exactly could have gone wrong in the SRK-Kareena once-happy paradise.

A little birdie informs us that Sharukh’s over-friendly equation with Priyanka Chopra has irked Bebo and she has decided to work more with her 3 idiots star in future. We have also heard that Kareena was expecting a good role for her beau Saif Ali Khan in any of the planned SRK-Karan Johar films. But sadly, Saif could not land himself a single assignment through the SRK-KJo association and that has made Kareena switch loyalties.The 31-year-old actor is currently juggling promotions for the Imran Khan-starrer Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu and is working simultaneously on the post-production of Aamir’s Reema Kagti-directed Talaash, which will release in June this year. Will Aamir and Bebo’s growing friendship revive their chemistry of 3 Idiots in Talaash and give us yet another blockbuster? And will Kareena refuse a film with SRK if she is offered one? Only time will tell!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Mik

    Excuse Me Who caress who wants Kareena…She is not as Talented as Vidya and Priyanka,,,She is just a pretty face in each Highest Grossing movies…every one know that it was because of the Lead Actors only the movies did Business….Were as Priyanka takes Risk Movies like 7KM was a risk but she had given a Great performance in the movie ,,,And Vidya No need to explain alll can see how talented she is…Thank God this Size Zero has nothing to do with our KING KHAN SRK….

    • Ashish

      ohhh plz,…….

      kareena is far better than priyanka in acting and looks in both….

      vidya has acting but no looks…
      but kareena is complete package of beuti and acting…..

      SRK gay khan

      • prasu

        movies aur acting na samajh me aaye to nhi bolna chahiye…fashion ko kaise tum bhul sakte ho,national award mila tha…national award ka matlb to samajh me ata hoga…aur srk gay h ya salman?????srk apni family life jee rha h,bt salman ki to sadi bhi nhi hui…then who is gay???????

        • satish

          Priyanka Chopra is far better than Kareena as far acting is concern.

      • satish

        She is worst actress.

      • satish

        Kareeena has got only beauty but no acting skills. She is bollywood because of her beauty and not for her acting skills.If he had been black or ugly face, she would have been out of bollywood long time back and you know this fact very well. In bollywood acting is not so important, but is important. But i think this trend is changing. Priyaka & Vidya are changing this trend.

    • Manu

      Kareena is best.if u r talking about acting, she has Chameli, dev, omakara, jab we meet n other movies where her acting talent can be seen. She makes presence known in every movie she does, that’s why directors want her. She is no.1 and she deserves it. Luv u kaeena,I’ll b watching ek main aur ek Tu just for kareena.

      • satish

        Only in Chameli she had a role but that too wasn’t good acting. Omkara is Ajay Devgan & Saif’s movies she had very little role in it. Dev was flop movie and her acting was worst. I know Manu you like her because she got beautiful face and fair skin.

    • satish

      Correct Mik, she is just a pretty face in these highest grossing movies, just a show piece and she had very little roles in these movies.

  • Arthi

    Kareena is the best!!

    • satish

      Kareena is among worst actress. Yeah, but she got BEST face as you mentioned above, hehehe.

  • Ravi

    Saif is not good enough to land roles for himself that he needs Kareena to alter her relationships with SRK-Karan Johar just to help him get roles? Regarding SRK-Priyanka, even Gauri (SRK’s wife) is having problems with that controversial friendship now. So its not about SRK favoring Priyanka over Kareena. He is having an affair with her obviously. Kareena is a B—-. She dumped Shahid for Saif since Shahid was not moving forward rapidly as she expected. Now she is jumping from SRK to Aamir. If Aamir flops, she will jump to Salman or back to SRK. She picks successful people to lean on.

    • Arthi

      She dumped Shahid because they were having problems in their personal life, you jaahil. Tujhe kya pata uski personal life mein kya kya hota hai? Sala manhoos.

    • anon

      so true u r!but how do u know all this??

  • Human

    No I don’t think it’s anything personal, but she is making this move towards Amir professionally.

    Her movie with Imran is coming out so she will promote that by favoring Amir. Also she has another movie coming with Ammir, releasing soon, so she is slowly shifting her base to Amir so that the promos can go smoothly without any bad blood. Smart girl.. Kareena is.

  • cerreno

    Ok this whole article is hogwash… Aamir is a good actor / producer and any actress offered a role in his movie would be dumb not to accept it. Kareena is popular choice nowadays due to bodyguard and her bit role in 3 idiots. Aamir said it was a delight to work with her, and he would ask her again. That is the only reason she took the role in my opinion. These accusations that Kareena and Priyanka are rivals or whatever is unfounded. It can be construed that way, but Kareena clearly moves around in a diff circle to Priyanka.

    Even this supposed rift with Arjun and SRK. Arjun owes SRK for reviving his career with Om Shaanti Om. He wouldn’t throw that away. If it wasn’t for his role there, Karan wouldn’t have offered him the role in We Are Family at all.

    • BAKER

      I agree with you. These are fake accusation.
      SRK IS NO. 1 Actor. Any actress will be reay to work.
      even with Kareena. Amir Khan was a good actor.
      but NO MORE.

  • Satish

    She is not talented actress. She is in Bollywood because of her last name. She can do good item dance songs like chammak challo etc but acting. Acting is her weakness. Yeah, but i must admit that she has got a pretty face.