Why is Kareena Kapoor Khan angry?

Why is Kareena Kapoor Khan angry?
Yogen Shah

The bold and beautiful Bebo is really mad at her agency. Read on to know why…

Recently, Kareena Kapoor Khan was offered to endorse an anti-ageing cream. This had the Kapoor lass fuming! However, she wasn’t angry with the brand but with her agency. The 33-year old actor was miffed at her agency for even considering the offer! Well, her agency had a good reason to consider the offer though. Apparently, the anti-ageing cream brand had made a whopping offer, which was way too good to be ignored. But, Bebo, who is still in her early thirties felt that she’s certainly too young to endorse an anti-ageing cream!

Well, Kareena still appears so young to us too. So, obviously she has a right to be miffed with her agency, no? Anyways, we’ve been wondering if being married has changed the kinda offers she’s receiving!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • ghanshyam Kanouje

    very nice actress …

  • julie

    she is too young, just turned 33 and still youthful looking but I can understand, ppl would buy the product more if she was spokeswoman rather than Priyanka 32, Sridevi or Madhur

  • neelam

    she is very cute