Why is Kareena Kapoor stopping Saif Ali Khan from kissing onscreen?

The two actors have a no-kissing onscreen policy, which they have been implementing ever since they got married

It seems that Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan won’t be seen locking lips with their co-stars anymore because of their no-kissing onscreen policy. And this is the rule they both have implemented ever since they got married.

We have heard that, Kareena Kapoor made it absolutely clear that she would not be doing any kissing scene on-screen before she signed Shuddhi opposite Hrithik Roshan. And that goes same for Saif.

According to our sources, Saif was in a narration, and there was a kissing scene written into that script! Kareena was around when this narration took place, so what was her reaction, you ask? Well Kareena just joked that she doesn’t kiss on screen then why should Saif?

Bechaara Saif didn’t have an option but to ask the writers to rewrite that portion in order to edit the kissing scene. The last actor he locked lips with was Deepika Padukone for Love Aaj Kal while Kareena did her last kissing scene in Heroine with Arjun Rampal.

To conclude, we will just say that you won’t see Bebo and Saifoo doing such scenes in their upcoming films.