Why is Katrina dragging in Rahul Gandhi?

The ZNMD actor may be a hybrid, but how does that make any difference to her work, she wonders

Katrina Kaif claims that she has always been transparent about her origins and has never been ashamed of being half Indian-half European – her mother is English and her father, from Kashmir. Recently the actress made it a point to respond to everyone who has been creating an unnecessary brouhaha about her nationality and age for quite some time now. Kat dragged Rahul Gandhi into the picture and used him as an example to prove her point. She told the people she was talking to that even Rahul was half Indian-half Italian, “and it’s seriously no big deal”. She also expressed disappointment over the fact that everyone wants to know personal details and said that she is tired of justifying her age. According to her, it’s high time people stopped speculating, because all the news channels had a copy of her passport – how did that happen, she wondered. We are quite sure that the remark was aimed at Deepika Padukone, who had poked fun at her in a talk show, about her passport. Well Kat, we definitely like your new bold avatar and the way you are shutting everyone up. Is it the fresh success of ZNMD, or the recently-turned-27 effect that’s brought about the transformation in you? We continue guessing and waiting for the next round of hot controversy this new-biker babe gets into….