Why is Katrina Kaif afraid of marriage?

Why is Katrina Kaif afraid of marriage?

The relationship between the Dhoom:3 babe and her boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor has been under the scanner recently. But who is avoiding the M-word – Kat or RK Jr? Does Katrina believe that she will go the way of Kareena Kapoor Khan or Aishwarya Rai Bachchan if she becomes Mrs Kapoor? We wonder…

The marriage of Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor is the bone of contention in their relationship, according to rumours. While Kapoor Jr feels that his ladylove wants to focus on her career and marriage isn’t on her priority list right now, reports suggest that he does not want to commit just yet. Buzz is that the Casanova RK wasn’t ready to get hitched, while Kat wanted to become Mrs Kapoor – that’s why Kat-Ranbir didn’t fly back together after their New York vacation over New Year.

The Bang Bang heroine has a standard response for all questions on relationships and marriage – “I’m single till I get married.” The actor in one of her recent interviews elaborated, “Being in love and being in a relationship are two different things. A relationship which is not fully committed to, or which has not yet reached a culmination is something I believe you should be discreet about. And I have always tried to be discreet about what’s in my life.”

We totally agree that Ms Kaif has been extremely guarded about her love life – she never really admitted to being Salman Khan’s girlfriend, remember?  But is she afraid of marriage? Reports suggesting that Kat turned down Ranboo’s marriage proposal as she wanted to focus on her Bollywood career have been doing the rounds. The fact that she has travelled such a long journey from Boom to Dhoom could make the Chikni Chameli gal believe that shaadi at this stage would jeopardise her career, hai na? Of course, she could be doing as much as she can in B-town before settling into wedded bliss and leaving the arclights behind…who knows!

On the other hand, the heroine who is very much a part of the race for No.1 could have developed cold feet after seeing the fading careers of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Kareena Kapoor Khan – even as reports suggest that the younger Mrs Bachchan is likely to make a comeback in Mani Ratnam’s new film, she has been missing from the silver screen and seen only in endorsements. Her brand value in the Bollywood market has changed since she became Abhishek Bachchan’s biwi and Aaradhya Bachchan’s mother. While we approve of Aishwarya’s clear choice of family over career, her product endorsements show that the perception of this once most sought after heroine has changed, but she still can win the Most Beautiful woman title, racing ahead of the hottest babes in B-town in the process.

Bebo too is facing an obvious shift in her professional profile. Despite being in a committed relationship with Saif Ali Khan she stayed the Numero Uno heroine, but her transformation from ‘Miss’ to ‘Mrs’ changed the equation – recently Bebo reportedly slashed her price for endorsing a tea brand. Inside gossip suggests that the once-favourite of Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions camp is slowly being replaced by more junior heroines Deepika Padukone and Alia Bhatt, whose career graphs are climbing steeply. Shuddhi, KKK’s film with Hrithik Roshan has been delayed further, while Bombay Samurai is on hold for the moment. So will the baby that both Kareena and Saif find no need to have right now be one way for the Begum to use her time more interestingly? And with four films and two cameos projected for the next few years, will work be able to take her back to her former place in Bollywood?

With examples of Kareena Kapoor Khan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan before her, looks like Katrina is scared of becoming ‘Mrs’!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • hemant

    Ab ye kisi pr machinary hai. You guys tell that katrina is leaking news to be in news right. If her pr dosnt clearify , which you guys want coz you want to misslead people. Tumlog tho rubbish chapte rahoge . Right. N when she gives exclusive updates to her near n dear once . Itni jalne lagti hai tumhari. Seriously guys you think public is dumb .

    • diana

      totally agree! when you don’t have ‘real’ acting skills, you gotta do something to be in the news. She is so two-faced, when she needs media she will use it to her full benefit, but otherwise she hates media and treats them badly. If only people have seen her behaviour in real life, most people won’t like her.

      Also, why is there always a story about her having the ‘cold feet’ when in reality, it should be Ranbir. Most men who are driven and ambitious rarely settle down till they are bit older (compared to women). She is probably the desperate one who wants to tie him down, yet tries to keep fans guessing that she’s still this unattainable beauty, who just can’t settle down. Uff! I used to like her, but her antics are a bit too much and you can’t blame her PR. Seeing how guarded she is, there’s no way she would have allowed her PR to publish stories without getting through her.

      • Soraya Sameera

        Shut the fuck up bitch, ur opinion is not needed at all
        and if u hate or dislike her so much stop reading about Her
        again one of those jealous bitches

      • hemant

        If you cant understand that this is fabricated artical than u are dumb . Putting 2 n 2 together n making it look like six. You want to differenciate pr n media made fabricated , wrong articals. A pr artical vl never make star look bad .look at numerous articals of deepika , how she is portrayd .thats pr articals. This artical is again released to confuse public nothing else. The intensions are wrong . N its totally fabricated. Like other bollywood life articals . N when channels like zoom n bollywood life scream about pr pr , katrina is using pr . Than I want to ask how do the get news about other stars , do they hide cameras inside there house . Obviously coz they themselfe are pr of those stars . But katrina dosnt pay them that’s the reason they scream pr pr pr . For example u are telling pr only katrina is using than hw did media vome to know about deepika 4 am call to slb with intimate details or how did media come to know that deepika friends are telling her not to leave ranveer. Everybody uses pr than why target katrina. I will tell u why , coz she is not indian , she has no support system here. Kuch bhi karo kaun puchne wala hai.

        • Kat’s Buff

          she’s a soft target and she never speaks bad about anyone let it be media also.she said sorry to media when dez shit guys(wid exeptions) dint deserve it at all. Fuck off media,if u think u can make or break a STAR,u think nonsense. FANS MAKE STAR. M VERY GLAD TO C FEW LIKE Najat Razak Mumuni, hemant ,,

          Indian media is SHIT,fans know more,better,and true news than what u spread.

          • amrit

            well said her fans lover for what she is ! JUS LOVE HER , SO DOWN TO EARTH and amazing

  • http://bollywoodlife.com/ Najat Razak Mumuni

    what do you really want from Katrina, let her be

  • Sudheer Yadav
  • gjgkkkyiy

    Kareena and vidya still are getting good movie offers, bollywoodlife..oops sorii deepikalife i mean. Right eh?

  • Tree

    Yah Ppl say shes beautiful!!bt no she is not!!she is not an actress But a show off goodbye queen!!

  • samuel

    katrina kaif is a very down to earth person. she is very disciplined with calm nature, humble and ambitious like every person in this whole damn universe okey?!! so to haters pls stop digging people’s past as everyone has it. be real and embrace the fucking fact and get ur shit straight. i was not a fan of katrina but i have seen her grown her acting skill has improved alot her dancing skills. she didnt knew one single word of hindi language but she learned that fucking difficult language which has alot of grammar she was a very bad dancer but she learnt dancing and her item songs are the most hit ones with great groves now. she is very hard worker and she never speaks anything abt her personal life nor abt anyone else because its her fucking choice. I totally love her attitude. she is a gem !