Why is Katrina Kaif delaying marriage?

As per the latest buzz, Katrina Kaif turned down alleged boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor’s marriage proposal. Have priorities changed for the B-town babe post the phenomenal success of Dhoom:3?

Looks like Katrina Kaif is walking down the same path as Rani Mukerji and Priyanka Chopra, as far as marriage is concerned. The Dhoom:3 babe goes on vacations with her ‘special friend’ Ranbir Kapoor, dines with his mother Neetu Singh and parties with his cousin Kareena Kapoor Khan. But as soon as the band starts getting the bajaa ready for the baraat, Ms Kaif goes into a shell. While rumours are rife that the Kapoor lad doesn’t mind getting hitched very soon to his Kamli, it is Kat who doesn’t want to take the plunge. That makes us wonder why. The grapevine suggests that it’s coz the Bang Bang actor wants to concentrate on her career and she is too ambitious to let her personal life take over her professional one. In fact, at a recent press conference Katrina said, “I don`t know if it (marriage) will happen in 10 or 20 years or so.” Now that’s sad, especially when someone like Ranbir (read: Casanova) is ready to stop flirting and settle down, no? But then she also says that nobody has asked her yet. Believe that, anyone?

Logically speaking, we still don’t understand why Kat is in denial mode. More importantly, why is she delaying getting married or even being open about her pyaar when things are going perfectly fine personally and career-wise too? Is she hesitating because of the old story that married heroines don’t survive in Bollywood? Is she afraid of losing the stardom she has worked so hard to gain? If that’s the case, wethinks she’s being silly. Isn’t Bebo very much in demand despite being married? Or Vidya? Another thing: it’s better to be in Kareena’s nicely married shoes than in Rani’s still single jootis, right? The dusky Agabai hulla machayi re beauty’s marriage has been delayed forever and her acting career has not reached any new heights. Moral of that story: when opportunity strikes, grab it – right, Bollywoodlifers?

As for Priyanka, we do think that the Exotic babe should settle down, and our tarot reader predicts that’s happening in 2014, but then she is reaching new heights with her new-found singing career, so we can’t accuse her of hanging around waiting, hai na? But for Ranboo’s alleged girlfriend, there is no such exciting career pressure. So Ms Kaif, why let your love life bear the brunt of your hip-wiggling item numbers? We want to know!