Why is Katrina Kaif disobeying the law?

She went riding with Hrithik Roshan but without a helmet

All of us love Katrina Kaif. She is gorgeous, sexy and comes across as being very sweet too. And we all know how we emulate those we love. Surely, Kat does too? So it was quite a shock when we saw her smoking away in the promos of Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. (Yes, we remember her doing it in Boom too but she didn’t have a fan following then so we can pardon that.) And just a couple of days back, she rode a bike for a promotional event. No, riding the bike isn’t the problem. What we didn’t like is that she rode it without a helmet. Don’t believe us? Check out the pictures right here. She wore the helmet initially but then she stopped to let Hrithik Roshan get on to her bike and that’s when she removed it. When she and Duggu went riding, the helmet was nowhere in sight. We love Kat and are hoping that she didn’t take it off just so that waiting photographers could get a good pic of her face. Surely Kat knows the traffic rules? And was aware of what a bad example she was setting? Even with the smoking scene in MBKD. Fans spend their time and money watching her films and adoring her. The least she can do is wear a helmet and not smoke! What happened to the sweet girl we love? That’s what we want to know