Why is Katrina Kaif happy with the leaked bikini pictures?

Mon, July 29, 2013 4:25pm IST by
Katrina Kaif
Yogen Shah

Days after paparazzi spotted Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor frolicking on a beach in Spain, we hear that Kat is actually delighted that her relationship with Ranbir is an open secret now

When a bikini-clad Katrina Kaif was spotted having fun with a shirtless Ranbir Kapoor on the duo’s recent vacation in Spain, many eyebrows were raised. The two have been keeping their relationship under wraps, but now it’s out in the open for us to discuss. And much to our surprise, Katrina is happy with the pictures which are doing the rounds all over the internet space.

A little birdie told us that the quintessential Chikni Chameli was overheard saying that she’s happy that her relationship with the Rockstar actor is now an open secret. In fact, now the whole world will know that Salman Khan is a closed chapter for the babe and Ranbir is the new man in Kat’s life. In fact, Kat always wanted to be open about her equation with the Kapoor lad, but Salman Khan’s presence was acting as a major hurdle. And now the self-explanatory pics have done the trick for both Ranbir as well as the leggy lass.

Will Ranbir and Kat openly accept their relationship or will they wait till a certain Khan does some battameezi in response to the lovey-dovey pair’s thrilling vacation abroad! We are waiting to see how this spicy saga unfolds in the days to come!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Sonia

    WOW.. Sonam was 100% right.. Kat is very shameless..
    I am very surprised at the Kapoor khandaan that they will accept such bahu in their family.. what does it say about the Kapoor khandaan? Disgraceful..

    • gautham

      even sonam kapoor is shameless!

    • TK

      very true


      its really sameless. Katrina show her character of boom girl now in reality.

  • je bome

    i it not last long with him also, i will give 200 percent.she not a loyal women.now her carrier going to diminished month by .

  • Milly

    She is a. Boom lady,so like her photos, We hate her

  • Milly

    She is a Boom lady, so like this photos……we hate. Her. It is very disgusting to see her in India.

  • Nithi

    She is a Boom lady, so her dress code, we hate her, it is very that disgusting that she is in India

  • emy

    bach gayi mei pyari deepika.katrina used salman only for bollywood entry. neetu singh very protective about her son relationship but what about her love story wiz rishiji . maybe she had forgotten her days. joru ka gulaam is only for husband……

  • balarabkabeer

    She is not a moral indian, its a shamful act to Ranbirs Family.


      ranbhir is also sameless.Now ranbhir and katrina kaif carrier will effeted by salman khan because vivek,srk,abhishek and many other know very well.

  • Nidhi

    shameless and audacious