Why is Katrina Kaif inviting everybody to dance?

Katrina Kaif in Dhoom:3 title song

Ms Kaif is asking everybody to dance but she isn’t hosting any party. We are just talking about the title track of her upcoming film Dhoom:3

The most awaited film of the year Dhoom:3 starring Aamir Khan, Katrina Kaif, Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra is just around the corner. While the makers haven’t released any of the songs entirely from their film except for the title track, we thought why not take advantage of it. Hence we decided to translate the highly energetic title tack Dhoom machale in English word-to-word. Earlier an Arabic version of the song was unveiled but we are sure our angrezi rendition is much better coz it’s funny. Read on and tell us what you think…


Dhoom dhoom

Sar chadhi hai dhoom dhoom

Bekhudi hai dhoom dhoom

Isme gum ho ja

Blast blast

Head climb blast blast

Intoxication is blast blast

In this lost you go


Dhoom Dhoom

Khalbali Hai Dhoom Dhoom

Har gali hai dhoom dhoom

Isme Tu Kho Ja…

Blast blast

Turmoil is blast blast

Every street is blast blast

In this you lost go


Dhoom nasha hai, dhoom junoon hai

Dhoom hai hulchul, dhoom sukoon hai

Aaj tu sab kuch bhula ke jhoom

Blast addiction is, blast passion is

Blast is rustling, blast peace is

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  • http://bollywoodlife.com/ Najat Razak Mumuni

    i think everything about the song is nice to watch and hear

  • http://bollywoodlife.com/ Najat Razak Mumuni

    i will be going to watch the movie 22 of December in Netherlands , and i no i will have fun so do everybody

  • The Quidnunc

    LOLX @ Blast. The lyrics say Dhoom not Dhamaka. So being a reporter how would have you covered a blast story. Aaj blah blah city mein Dhoom hui jis mein 10 logon ki death and 20 logon injure huwey :o You must be high on something while making this translation. now tell ki aap kay talent ki blast hui ya dhoom machi :p

    • Bollywood fan


  • Nick

    Your translating skills suck… please don’t ever translate again!!