Why is Katrina Kaif praising Salman Khan these days?

The Dhoom 3 actress has been talking very highly about her ex-boyfriend to people

Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan might not be a couple anymore. But that doesn’t mean that things have soured or gone bad between the two. A source reveals that Kat was recently heard showering some heavy praises about Salman to some close friends. Read to know what is that had Kat all choked up and emotional..

Apparently she was touched by Salman’s generous gesture of traveling all the way to Canada and supporting her sister Isabel. Even though he didn’t need to travel, Salman took his time out and went to support her debut film Dr Cabbie and even did a mini concert where he sang songs and danced with Isabel.

A source reveals, “Salman left his Ganpati celebrations at home and went to Canada to support Katrina’s sister which is a big deal. He wasn’t required to travel and could have done phone interviews as well. Kat was quite touched by his gesture and has not only personally thanked him but also has praised his act to everyone.”

Already known for being large-hearted, Salman now has one more person added to his list of people who are touched by his generosity.