Why is Kunal Kapoor all fast and furious?

Since the actor has a crazy penchant for driving, he is all set to chase his dream of becoming a professional car racer. But will he give up acting?

Kunal Kapoor is one actor who has always been interested in sports that give him that adrenaline rush. The Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana dude is already known for his fascination with flying planes and now his new passion – racing – is the new talk of the town. Kapoor is a self-confessed F1 fan. And not just that, the actor is not only honing his driving skills, but is also preparing to participate in the National Rally Championship next year under the guidance of a professional coach.

Till last year Kunal couldn’t stop emphasising his plane-flying experiences, and how he is studying hard to obtain a pilot’s license. And now, as a new passion is added to his adventure list, we totally envy the actor’s thrilling life. Well, if he had worked the same way on his movie roster, just the way he has been developing his passion bucket-list, his film resume would had been much better, no?